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Definitions and meanings of "Overindulging"

What do we mean by overindulging?

To indulge to excess.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Overindulging

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The word "overindulging" in example sentences

What is this "overindulging" thing people keep talking about? ❋ Unknown (2008)

What's more, you're probably thinking that getting down on yourself for overindulging is part of the cure. ❋ Jean Fain (2011)

Shift your focus to how you bring yourself back into balance after overindulging, and on decreasing the time it takes to do so. ❋ The Inner Weigh (2010)

"Restricted dieting [can lead] to overindulging," she says. ❋ Jennifer Larue Huget (2010)

The other ending says that both of them died after overindulging during the fiesta ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Well, if you're Catholic it won't work so well, given the whole "eating the body of Christ" stuff you all are so into, but for the rest of us it will keep us from overindulging on bread. ❋ Todd Hartley (2010)

Because tech rumors can also skew your buying decisions, overindulging in them can be more like day trading in the stock market: a distracting and ultimately unprofitable endeavor. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Obviously, a single day of overindulging is not going to make you fat, any more than a single hyper-active weekend is going to keep you slim. ❋ Monica Reinagel (2012)

To recover from a night of overindulging, I look to big bowls of noodle soup. ❋ Andrea Nguyen (2012)

I stopped overindulging, but I still like a cold beer while watching a football game on television or a good glass of wine with a good meal. ❋ Tim Giago (2012)

In his diaries, Carter frets about his brother Billy's drinking and dispatches his sister, Ruth, to speak to the poet James Dickey about overindulging. ❋ Manuel Roig-Franzia (2010)

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What does overindulging mean?

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