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  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overpay. verb

The word "overpays" in example sentences

Under current law, the administration notes, Medicare "overpays" health plans with which it contracts through its managed care component (Medicare Advantage), reimbursing them an average of 14\% more ($103 per member per month) than it does traditional fee-for-service providers for the care of comparable beneficiaries.. [New England Journal of Medicine]

Medicare "overpays" for prescription drugs covered by the program's Part D drug benefit, she said.. [Top Stories from CQ]

The film opens as Ted Narracott Peter Mullen overpays for an impressive stallion and now faces financial ruin unless he can train this horse to plow a seemingly impossible field.. [Scott Mendelson: Review: War Horse Is Pure, Unapologetic Old-School Melodrama]

But they are forced to compete for labor with a state sector that overpays relative to the wages that the private sector can bear.. [How Big Government Killed Britain's Regions]

"If the city overpays for security guards, there is less available for schools, housing, and other needs.". [Liu Sued Over Prevailing-Wage Hike]

The wage is upper bound, for the most part, by MPR, because an employer who routinely overpays his employees will find himself in quick financial distress.. [Real Caricature, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Many of H-P's shareholders, including Relational, have been concerned about how much the company has been spending on deals, saying it often overpays for companies.. [H-P Grants Activist Shareholder Board Seat]

For those that thik the goverment can run a health care program then you should be aware that medicare currently overpays for medical equipment such as wheelchairs by as much as 4 times what they are worth.. [Conservative group resumes health care ad campaign]

There are times when there is a kernel of truth in the old diatribe about a country that overpays and overprotects itself.. [Trade unions: wage rage | Editorial]

Also, it could lead to an overall increase in salaries as one owner overpays in the midst of a free agent frenzy.. [The power of publicity]

And China overpays, to be frank, for natural resources, so why not let them overpay for American natural resources?. [Chinese Companies Expand Their US Investments]

Complex instruments like derivatives, Gao says, “are crap,” the excretion of a society that overpays its financial professionals and “distorts the talents of the country.”. [American Precedent]

Medicare alone overpays by $30 billion annually, adding to high health costs.. [Cool Stuff: The Audacity of Joke T-Shirt | /Film]

The only way that buying the questionable assets will increase capital on the liability side of the balance sheet is if the Treasury overpays for them.. [On “The Bailout”, Part 17: The SuperBonds Alternative « PurpleSlog – Awesomeness & Modesty Meets Sexy]

If the government overpays for toxic securities, taxpayers are cheated; if it doesn't overpay and the banks take mark-to-market prices, many are sure to fail.. [A Case for Economic Democracy]

The other significant “driver” of profitable growth for the insurance monopolies is the federally subsidized Medicare Advantage program, which overpays them by billions of dollars annually to compete with the traditional, government-run Medicare system.. [An Obscene Protest]

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@Nemorated @muddassirjourno 40-50 unless someone overpays.


@MadridstaLoco @RMasieF @Akhilrmcf Will it be a surprise if a catalan investor overpays for it? 😏


@PFF @PFF_Chichester @PostSports EVERYBODY overpays in free agency. EXCEPT New england. They only give team-friendl…


@Sharkamunga Very true, but I think its going to start happening more to avoid big abitration and early FA. Imagine…


@ComeFromAwayNL @dstaples See the overpays when they do get free agent help.

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