Word OWN
Character 3
Hyphenation own
Pronunciations /ˈəʊn/

Definitions and meanings of "Own"

What do we mean by own?

Of or belonging to oneself or itself. adjective

That which belongs to one. noun

To have or possess as property. intransitive verb

To have control over. intransitive verb

To admit as being in accordance with fact, truth, or a claim; acknowledge. intransitive verb

To make a full confession or acknowledgment: synonym: acknowledge. intransitive verb

(on (one's) own) By one's own efforts. idiom

(on (one's) own) Responsible for oneself; independent of outside help or control. idiom

To grant; give.

To admit; concede; acknowledge: as, to own a fault; to own the force of a statement.

To recognize; acknowledge: as, to own one as a son.

Synonyms Admit, Confess, etc. See acknowledge.

To confess: with to: as, to own to a fault.

Properly or exclusively belonging to one's self or itself; pertaining to or characteristic of the subject, person or thing; peculiar; proper; exclusive; particular; individual; private: used after a possessive, emphasizing the possession: as, to buy a thing with one's own money; to see a thing with one's own eyes; he was beaten at his own game; mind your own business.

In this sense own is often used elliptically. the noun which it is to be regarded as qualifying being omitted: as, to hold one's own (that is, one's own ground, or one's own cause); a man can do as he likes with his own (that is, his own property, possessions, goods, etc.).

Actual: used without a possessive, with to instead before the possessor: as, own brother to some one.

To be free to control one's own time.

To have or hold as one's own; possess; hold or possess rightfully or legally; nave and enjoy the right of property in; in a general sense, to have: as, to own a large estate, or a part interest in a ship.

Synonyms Hold, Occupy, etc. See possess.

Belonging to; possessed; proper to. Often marks a possessive determiner as reflexive, referring back to the subject of the clause or sentence.

Not shared

Peculiar, domestic.

Not foreign.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Own

The word "own" in example sentences

Just as homosexuality combined with pre-modern medicine not going to pass on your own genes if you choose not to reproduce is likely to stop the passing on of _your own_ genes, but could improve the survival of those related to you- say you help raise your niece or nephew- asexuality might well improve social fitness. ❋ Ann Althouse (2005)

For me, the most intellectually stimulating conversations of the year were with Fellows who spoke not of the most recent book they had read in their field or a lecture they had just heard on the very subject they deal with in their own university, but with those who were trying to relate knowledge and methods gained in some other field to their own…. ❋ Bundy, McGeorge (1977)

The _slave_ never can do this as long as he is a _slave_; whilst he is a "chattel personal" he can own _no_ property; but the time _is to come_ when _every_ man is to sit under _his own_ vine and _his own_ fig-tree, and no domineering driver, or irresponsible master, or irascible mistress, shall make him afraid of the chain or the whip. ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

"So you see, all things considered, it would be much better for you to return to your own people -- ahem -- _own people_," said Mr. Starkweather, with emphasis. ❋ Amy Bell Marlowe (N/A)

In fact he would have given ten thousand pounds from his own pocket (Kate's plum was _her own_) if he could have invented anything like an excuse for complying with our very natural wishes. ❋ Charles Herbert Sylvester (N/A)

She received all attentions from the Royal Family as her due, and knew not how to draw the distinction between what was due to her own merit and what was given by these personages as due to their _own_ high standard of courtesy and compassion. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

When a pupil makes his own Correlations, every concurrence he uses is a _real_ concurrence to him, and so with his Ins. and Exs. This is a decisive reason why the Pupil should merely look upon my Correlations as models, but make and memorise his _own_ Correlations in all cases, as being more vivid to _him_ and, therefore, more certainly remembered, as well as more effectively strengthening the Memory in both its Stages. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

It starts as the assertion of any desire; it ends as _the organization of one's own desires into a system of desires recognized as superior and then made one's own_. ❋ Robert Ezra Park (1926)

Why should I dissemble my own belief that the 'Drama' is worth two or three 'Seraphims' -- _my own_ belief, you know, which is worth nothing, writers knowing themselves so superficially, and having such a natural leaning to their last work. ❋ Unknown (1907)

This is especially true of «suus, - a, - um», which, when inserted, is more or less emphatic, like our _his own, her own_, etc. ❋ Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge (1900)

_He comes to His own, and His own_ -- and here, as the scholars would say, there are variant readings. ❋ Unknown (1897)

His wife never accepts invitations that he does; they meet, you know, under their own roof, for the sake of the children -- but under their _own_ roof only. ❋ Clyde Fitch (1887)

Alderman Roche's daughters had nothing to live on but their own earnings by washing and needlework; and Mr. Luttrell, the last case mentioned above, was allowed as a favour to occupy his _own stables_ while preparing to transplant. ❋ Mary Frances Cusack (1864)

But it is very natural under such influences that men whose own lives are full of and inspired with their _own_ deeds will not write them on the model of Benvenuto Cellini. ❋ Charles Godfrey Leland (1863)

Albert's dearest name is immortalised with this _great_ conception, _his_ own, and my _own_ dear country _showed_ she was ❋ Queen Of Great Britain Victoria (1860)

He said that much of the reserve which he had shown in treating with me was not on _his own_ account, but that he felt from his own experience that events were by no means certain, and he most cautiously abstained from permitting her Majesty in any way to commit herself, or to bind herself by any engagement which unforeseen circumstances might render inconvenient. ❋ Queen Of Great Britain Victoria (1860)

It is when men make a law of their own, -- when they set aside God's law, and put some other law in its place, and expect God's blessing in consequence of obeying that, that they trust in their _own_ righteousness. ❋ Joseph Barker (1840)

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