Definitions and meanings of "Owner"

What do we mean by owner?

One who owns something.

The captain of a ship.

1) The person legally the propreitor of. 2) One who owns the other.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who is more experiencened in a game than most people and who usualy "owns" them. this is meant by the "owner" killing or beating someone at a game.  Urban Dictionary

Jeremy. see Destroyer661  Urban Dictionary

V. To massively own someone, or to be owned.  Urban Dictionary

A device that owned you so hardcore, it has no name.  Urban Dictionary

A fact that you have been owned hard. i.e. defeated pretty bad.  Urban Dictionary

Another form of the word owned.  Urban Dictionary

A fully sikunt who is 1337 also see wordgosu/word  Urban Dictionary

V. derived from "own". Usually used in a statement of self-deprecation.  Urban Dictionary

Short term to describe the Owner and Operator of a motor vehicle.  Urban Dictionary

The word "owner" in example sentences

How to use owner in a sentence? Example sentences with the owner, a sentence example for owner, and how to make owner in sample sentence, how do I use the word owner in a sentence? How do you spell owner in a sentence?

\ "Pequod\",: owner = > @owner it \ "works when updated by admin\" do end admin = User. create! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Get the owner: owner = container. fetch_person ( '@owner') ❋ Unknown (2009)

User) - InputObject $process - PassThru} $owners = ($appendedprocesses | select owner) foreach ($owner in $owners) $evtdescription = "PowerShell process is being run under the next account:" + $owner. ❋ Stefstr (2010)

I'm sure the wines are fine, and I'll probably buy the sauvignon blanc some day, because I select my wines based on how cool I thought the label owner was when I was a kid. ❋ Todd Hartley (2011)

Until then, I use the word owner apolitically, for convenience and with no other motive. ❋ ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ (2009)

Regan had always wanted us to sign with them and maintained a friendship with Frank, the label owner, in my absence. ❋ Stephanie Kuehnert (2008)

Storyline: Christopher calls at a local whorehouse to collect protection money, but the owner is short for the third week running. ❋ DAVID BISHOP (2007)

[I am the] owner of a [large penis]. I am the owner of your [small penis]. ❋ Gumba Gumba (2004)

Owner: ([kills] [noob])ha i [owned] u! noob noob: (dead) damn i just got owned ❋ Knight Teh Pwnage (2006)

The ownerer is the [owner] of all [ownz]. ❋ JerryC (2004)

"Dude you got [ownerized]" "[OWNERIZED]!!!" "[Ownerized] by a scout.." "j00 h4x0r, u 0n3r![z3d] me!" ❋ CS-Dude11223344 (2004)

[Player]: [I just] got [the smackdown] from an ownerizer! ❋ Dnyde (2005)

I got [ownerized] [bye] [Tiller] in our last game. ❋ Skabbmannen (2003)

Dude, [Mike] go totally [owner] [in the game] today! ❋ Chance9888 (2008)

[Fuck that] [gosu] [cunt] is an ownerizer ❋ D0uGY (2003)

I got sufficiently [ownerized] by that [gnar] [booter]. ❋ SamAdams (2005)

“[Yeah], I have the [ownerator] here!” ❋ Rome22 (2019)

What does owner mean?

What does the word owner mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word owner in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with owner and anagrams of owner. Looking for online definition of owner in the dictionary? Owner explanation free. What is owner? Meaning of owner term.

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