Definitions and meanings of "Ownership"

What do we mean by ownership?

The state or fact of being an owner. noun

A group that owns something. noun

The state of being an owner; the right by which a thing belongs specifically to some person or body; proprietorship; possession as an owner or proprietor. See owner. noun

The state of being an owner; the right to own; exclusive right of possession; legal or just claim or title; proprietorship. noun

The state of having complete legal control of the status of something. noun

The relation of an owner to the thing possessed; possession with the right to transfer possession to others noun

The state or fact of being an owner noun

The act of having and controlling property noun

The state of having complete legal control of something; possession; proprietorship.

Responsibility for something.

The act of owning (owning skill). Being awesome at a skill or trait, like no other person. Intense well doing above all other people trying, master of the skill. A.K.A. owned  Urban Dictionary

The act of owning someone.  Urban Dictionary

The general feel in todays society that everything is somehow copyrighted or property of someone else to the point where it hinders creativity and makes it much more difficult to innovate. It is also the belief that just because you created/thought of something that you should have complete and total control over every aspect of that thing, object or idea.  Urban Dictionary

The virtual proprietary rights of digital assets belongs to someone is digital ownership.  Urban Dictionary

Being forced to take on someone else's shit jobs  Urban Dictionary

When a fat fucking oaf decides to punish people for nothing simply because he can.  Urban Dictionary

When you have a specific and favourite seat, and your friend or partner let's someone else sit there instead. Paramount to betrayal as it is YOUR spot. you own that spot.  Urban Dictionary

I own myself, therefore, I have a right to control my own brain chemistry. Give me Adderall! Adderall WEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Urban Dictionary

When credit is claimed when things go well, but blame is assigned elsewhere when things don't.  Urban Dictionary

The equation that shows the moment in which a suburb changes to the "inner city" Drive-by + Suburb = Inner city  Urban Dictionary

The word "ownership" in example sentences

How to use ownership in a sentence? Example sentences with the ownership, a sentence example for ownership, and how to make ownership in sample sentence, how do I use the word ownership in a sentence? How do you spell ownership in a sentence?

Some sort of certainty in ownership is needed as the free agency period approaches. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Their ownership is evidenced by actual paper shares, and is portable, such that they retain ownership anywhere they live, even overseas. ❋ Unknown (2005)

The term ownership goes beyond numbers in this case. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Bush's solution: turn over inefficient government programs to private industry, creating "ownership" - a code word for privatization. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The republican way of thinking which they call the ownership society, but is really rabid unregulated captialism of the sort that privatizes everything, makes us even more vulnerable to the situation of our neighbors, not less: ❋ Ellen Beth Gill (2007)

What administration argues is that what they call ownership and increasing opportunity. ❋ Unknown (2005)

This administration promotes what I call the ownership society. ❋ Unknown (2004)

NOVAK: And he'll lay out what he calls the ownership society, where you talk about ordinary Americans being able to invest in Social Security, private accounts, so they have a stake in the market. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Among major reasons, the Navin Jindal-led firm said that there was a title ownership issue due to existing transactions with a British Virgin Islands (BVI) company. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Trying another line, it was Joan Robinson who pointed out that capital ownership is not a productive activity, because "ownership" is not an activity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Fuck, Bush's new rumored platform of "ownership" is terrible, given how his policies screw the very audience he's trying to appeal to ... ❋ Shawnj (2004)

In such administration, the paymaster becomes the most stark of owners and this kind of ownership is control. ❋ Unknown (1966)

And in early versions of the Senate bill, the anti-gun Sebelius could very well have mandated that gun ownership is an activity so dangerous that your insurance coverage needed to be suspended. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I do not, and proud ownership is a big thing with me as I know it is for others as well. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Returning to the core of our dispute, your assertion that the Constitution does not permit Federal land ownership is incorrect. ❋ Unknown (2009)

BP said in a written statement Sunday that it is "happy to return to long-term ownership of these valuable assets, given the considerable improvement in its own financial strength and circumstances, as well as the improved external trading environment." ❋ Guy Chazan (2011)

BP said it is "happy to return to long-term ownership of these valuable assets, given the considerable improvement in its own financial strength and circumstances, as well as the improved external trading environment." ❋ Guy Chazan (2011)

Attack [Frog] [laid] down a thick helping of ownership at [H2]. Attack Frog has those ownership skills. ❋ J M K (2005)

[Mike's] ownership of [Nahum] was evident in [Fight Night] II. ❋ Eljefedejefes (2018)

[Apple] not allowing [iPhone] unlocking - [this is a] culture of ownership. ❋ Matt297 (2007)

[digital] [assets] belongs to [someone] is digital ownership ❋ S J Tubrazy (2013)

Boss - Hi [I need you] to [Take Ownership] of [cleaning the toilet]... Worker - I need you to Take Ownership of my arse ❋ Rudebwoy39 (2017)

I'm [handing] over [server ownership] to that [fat oaf] over there so he can ban everyone. ❋ Fractured (2018)

Person 1: Hey, did you let someone use [my seat]? Person 2: [Yeah why]? Person 1: That's [MY seat]. I claimed Seat ownership. Person 2: You can't own a seat position! Person 1: Watch me ❋ Chunkyheff (2022)

Hym "In the name of [self-ownership] is say to thee: [GIVETH] ME ADDERALL OR [GIVE ME DEATH]!!!" ❋ Hym Iam (2022)

One of my team members believes in Fair Weather Ownership. People were happy when he made a big [song and dance] about the [dashboard] he just built. When somebody pointed out a minor glitch his response was "it's not my code. it's [Firefox] that's making it error like that". ❋ Tanjung (2015)

There was a [drive-by] in the Fryelands last night? When did this place become such a [hood]? Well [according to] the Transitive Property of Ownership last night changed everything ❋ Almighty Reptar (2013)

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