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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word oxygenless. Define oxygenless, oxygenless synonyms, oxygenless pronunciation, oxygenless translation, English dictionary definition of oxygenless.

Oxygenless is a youtuber with over 1,000 subs on the popular video streaming platform, youtube. His youtube channel is known for his most popular video YTP - Coyote Peterson Has An Encounter With A Bullet Ant. Recently he hasn't posted much and has had a 9-month hiatus. He also has 2 other channels called Oxygenlessplays, and Oxymemes. Urban Dictionary

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The word "oxygenless" in example sentences

Some of the fertilizer is broken down by soil bacteria into nitrate, a toxic and highly soluble chemical that can leach into groundwater or get washed into lakes, creating oxygenless dead zones. ❋ Shoumatoff, Alex (2007)

Anaerobic metabolism, the internal life process of oxygenless bacteria, is not as efficient as aerobic metabolism. ❋ Unknown (1982)

Then had come the colonists, with their tractors and their rolls of stellene to make sealed dwellings and covered fields in that thin, almost oxygenless atmosphere. ❋ Raymond Z. Gallun (1952)

It wasn't because of the frustrations that awaited us outside - the pointless bargaining, the endless traffic, the suspensionless rides, the oxygenless air - but rather because those frustrations provided just enough of an excuse that we didn't have to admit our real reason for staying home: ❋ Unknown (2010)

To knock the ocean into an oxygenless soup devoid of animal life took an enormous surge in volcanic activity lasting thousands of years. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Although he's summited Everest twice before, both ascents were done with supplementary oxygen, so he'd like to finish off the project with an oxygenless ascent of the big E," his home team stated.

The biosphere is linked in subtle ways, they have found: the rate of carbon burial in the wetlands, in the muds of the continental shelves, is precisely what is needed to regulate the concentration of oxygen; nitrogen serves to build pressure to the useful breathing level, and to keep the fine dust aloft; methane regulates the oxygen levels and ventilates the oxygenless muds; the dust suppresses energy levels when it blew, giving the EMs their decisive electrodynamic edge, putting them atop a fragile pyramid. ❋ Benford, Gregory, 1941- (1984)

Even though I did not shrink from death, even though the world's best astronomers have assured us that Venus must be unfitted to support human life, that where her surface is not unutterably hot it is unutterably cold, even though she be oxygenless, as they aver, yet the urge to live that is born with each of us compelled me to make the same preparations to land that I should have had I successfully reached my original goal, Mars. ❋ Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950 (1962)

As events proved, the machines of the future were to be lightweight—rockets leaving earth’s gravity and computers quicker than human minds, adjuncts of human subjectivity freeing us into an oxygenless space. ❋ Edited By Susie Bright (2006)

McCoy had not actually seen the shuttlecraft be destroyed, but he had seen the glow of the flames on Spock’s face, could even now see the death scene played back in Spock’s eyes—the metal hull ripped, twisted, hurtling in a thousand directions as the initial burst of flame was extinguished rapidly in the oxygenless reaches of space. ❋ J. M. Dillard (2000)

Oxygenless is a [youtuber] with over 1,[000] [subscribers]. ❋ ShadowTux (2019)

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