Definitions and meanings of "Packages"

What do we mean by packages?

Something which is packed, a parcel, a box, an envelope.

Something which consists of various components, such as a piece of computer software.

A piece of software which has been prepared in such a way that it can be installed with a package manager.

The act of packing something.

Something resembling a package.

A package holiday.

A football formation.

The male genitalia.

A charge made for packing goods.

A group of related stories spread over several pages.

Someone who has contracted HIV or FBA (full blown aids) or hepatitus and you and your friends know.  Urban Dictionary

Male genitalia (penis and scrotum together), often associated with large size.  Urban Dictionary

Slang for HIV.  Urban Dictionary

A guy's penis and scrotum usually what attracts a woman/man to a man  Urban Dictionary

The outline or bulge of the male genetial as visualized on one wearing tight blue jeans.  Urban Dictionary

That part of a man's genitalia (scrotum and penis), the volume of which is visible, as a "bulge," through his blue jeans or whatever other pants he may be wearing. when a gay man is "cruising" another gay man, the "package" is one of the first things checked out. the larger the package, the more promising the "potential outcome."  Urban Dictionary

Hiv and/or Aid  Urban Dictionary

The primary male member. Usually associated with size. aka unit , junk  Urban Dictionary

AIDS - derived from prison slang: the complete package.  Urban Dictionary

According to HBO's The Wire, a shipment of drugs to be distributed by slingers.  Urban Dictionary

The word "packages" in example sentences

How to use packages in a sentence? Example sentences with the packages, a sentence example for packages, and how to make packages in sample sentence, how do I use the word packages in a sentence? How do you spell packages in a sentence?

[...] zou dit even kunnen proberen (ssh naar je iPhone): Ubuntu Tricks - how to generate a list of installed packages and use it to reinstall packages* | * ArsG … is een ubuntu howto, maar tjah … cydia = = apt, dus dit moet in principe wel werken. ❋ Lista De Programas Instalados E Instalar A Partir (2010)

Ubuntu Tricks - how to generate a list of installed packages and use it to reinstall packages& … "I've recently had the occasion to make a complete list of software installed on one of my Ubuntu boxes, and then reinstall it from scratch. ❋ Lista De Programas Instalados E Instalar A Partir (2010)

The discovery of sophisticated explosive devices in packages that were bound for the U.S. highlights significant gaps in cargo screening both domestically and overseas, adding to pressure for security improvements. ❋ Andy Pasztor (2010)

Mortgage lenders and banks helped create the housing crisis by approving risky home loans (e.g., stated income programs) and bundling mortgages that were sold in packages as highly-rated securities. ❋ Christopher Whalen (2010)

The speech came four days before powerful explosives were found hidden in packages aboard two planes bound for Chicago. ❋ Al Kamen (2010)

Where I am, the most basic of cable packages is at least $30/month (broadcast, weather, some local access, home shopping and like TBS). ❋ Unknown (2009)

He began to collect them and sort them out, in packages of a hundred, tying each package securely with twine. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Bamas DL is frightful good as good as leads a SEC in sacks getting consistent vigour from DE M. Dareus as good as entrance up with complex blitz packages from a Lil General Nicky Saban. ❋ Admin (2009)

The Redskins will continue using their base 3-4 defense, which includes three defensive linemen and four linebackers, but will only use Haynesworth in packages that give the talented defensive lineman the freedom he craved to chase the quarterback. ❋ Rick Maese (2010)

*** The Yemen Plot U.S. and British investigators were on their way to Sana'a, Yemen, to help probe the failed plot to send explosives by air in packages from Yemen to the U.S., as Yemeni officials released their one suspect in the case so far. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A prepaid option, or even some more variety in packages, would drive greater adoption of mobile broadband. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In fact, you can buy surprisingly good text search component packages from a number of vendors and weave them into your own app. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Now, with my Kindle II and an iPod classic, I have all the entertainment I could ever want in packages that even fit in a jacket or small satchel. ❋ Unknown (2009)

All you have to do to be entered to win one of these packages is become a "follower" by clicking on the link to the right by the end of the day on Monday, July 20 and on Tuesday July 21 I will announce the two winners of the prizes. ❋ Jpitta (2009)

Pancetta is often sold in packages of very thinly cut pre-sliced meat. ❋ Laurie Constantino (2009)

The [Georgie] [pack rat] really got the package [good] now. ❋ Leny Royka (2005)

Man, look at the [bulge] in [that dude's] [pants]! His package must be huge. ❋ Dicklicker (2003)

Damn, Tyrone got [the package] from being [long-dicked] by [Bruce]. ❋ Moo_moo_baby (2019)

Kaylee : Wow check out Chad's Package don't you like how it bulges out of his [pant's] [Kiersten] : Yeah you should try to stick all 14 inches of it in your mouth oh and he really packs the cum! Kaylee : Oh I couldn't do that besides I have a boyfriend! Kiersten : I didn't say you could suck my man's cock you stupid whore [what's your problem]! Kaylee: Whore! Your the fuckin whore fucking a married guy! Kiersten : Whatever! Hey Chad shall we go up to your office so I can [unwrap] your package and pleasure you? Chad : Sorry not in the mood my wife just texted me she's pregnant again! Kiersten : What the fuck I told you not to sleep with her anymore what's your problem! Chad : Sorry she's my wife and besides she gives great head! Kiersten : So do I ! Hey I'm the only one you can stick your package in got it! Kaylee : This is so fucked up! ❋ SlopNChop (2017)

[God], man, did you see [the package] on that [cowboy]? ❋ Richard Black (2005)

"Hey, Jason, I just got back from the supermarket, and the [Checker] was so cute and hot, and he had this HUGE [PACKAGE] [busting] through his jeans. ❋ Philemon (2007)

[Ray] gave [Donna] [the package] ❋ ZJay412 (2020)

Jane [dumped] Dick ['cause] he had a [small package]. ❋ Aiken (2002)

He [managed] to buy [the package] while in [jail]. ❋ Sevenhn (2006)

[Bodie]: Yo, It appears we need a new package to sell to our customers, the fiends. Or perhaps a [re-up] would serve. [Poot]: A point well made, fine chap. ❋ Peterwebb (2008)

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