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Pronunciations /ˈpeɪdʒɪz/

Definitions and meanings of "Pages"

What do we mean by pages?

One of the many pieces of paper bound together within a book or similar document.

One side of a paper leaf on which one has written or printed.

Any record or writing; a collective memory.

The type set up for printing a page.

A screenful of text and possibly other content.

A web page.

A block of contiguous memory of a fixed length.

Originated by hood mans in Tdot. Refers to the act of confronting, roasting, exposing, or verbally attacking someone. Urban Dictionary

A very fun person to hang out with and is very samrt! Real nice when you get to know her BUT don't get on her bad side. She can be a real bitch if you do. Very energetic and if funny. A beautiful person who is outgoing and doesnt let nothing get in her way. A person who is loved by lots and is hated by many. She has a wonderful presonality and is a great friend anybody would want to have! Urban Dictionary

Going up to someone you have beef with and yelling at them. This typically happens before a fight. Urban Dictionary

Noun-a good kiss that lasted for a long time Urban Dictionary

1) a female australian name 2) an animal lover who will fight for what she believes in 3) creative, beautiful, and sweet girl Urban Dictionary

A beautiful, funny girl. Has flowy, blonde hair. Is so great to look at. All the boys want to go out with her. Popular, smart, awesome girl. Urban Dictionary

Term of endearment by a toddler for a grandfather or grandpa. Urban Dictionary

Sexy, intelligent girl who is a total babe and probably gets called a book because of how she spells her name. Page is always popular although she isnt the most talkative person. she loves just chilling with mates and once you are her biffle, you will think she is the collest person alive. horny and loves when people pay attention to her stunning looks. Urban Dictionary

Toronto slang fighting or beating up Urban Dictionary

1.) Noun: A Page is a 16 or 17 year old High School Junior from any district around the country who is selectively appointed by his or her Member to work in the U.S. House of Representatives or the Senate and to live and go to school on Capitol Hill. House and Senate Pages can serve in the Fall (September-January) and Spring (Febrary-June) sessions, or for a short term during the Summer. Pages have worked in Congress from the very first session, held in 1800 in Washington DC. Pages are responsible for many duties including a full-time job running documents, flags, filing bills, giving directions, ringing bells, documenting, collecting statements from Members, printing vote tallies, answering phones in the Republican and Democratic Cloakrooms, and working in the Speaker of the House's Office, as well as attending the U.S. Page school in the mornings. House Pages attend school in the attic level of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, while Senate Pages live and go to school in another dorm building on Capitol Hill. 2.) Noun: Someone or something that suffers from severe sleep deprivation due to lack of sleep. 3.) Adjective: (Page-ly); Well behaved on the House floor, Righteous, Upright, signs back in from lunch on time. Does not get Demerits; NOT involved in sexual scandal and/or unethical political behavior. Urban Dictionary

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The word "pages" in example sentences

Like Spec. find, paginate returns a list of specs, but it also returns a list of pages for the results in the variable @pages;notethatpaginatereturnsatwo-elementarray,sowecanassignbothvariablesatthesametimeusingRuby's multiple assignment syntax: a, b = [1, 2] # a is 1, b is 2 Don't worry too much about what @pages is exactly; its main purpose is to be fed to the pagination_links function in the view, which we'll do momentarily. ❋ Midpoint (2009)

widget ( 'CLinkPager', array ( 'pages' = > $pages));? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Find the number of pages based on $count and $limit */$pages = $p - > findPages ($count, $limit);/* Now we use the LIMIT clause to grab a range of rows */$result = mysql_query ( "SELECT * FROM table LIMIT". $start. ", ❋ Unknown (2009)

The main pages is a general landing page to funnel visitors to different areas of your site. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The title pages of each chapter are well delineated for quick skimming, and Moulton has created lots of chapters that cover a range of needs, such as cooking for two, appetizers for dinner and the one from which this recipe comes: five-ingredient mains. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Three first editions, first printings, paperback originals, all published in 1965 and signed on the title pages by Moorcock. ❋ Paul (2009)

John, you made Finch look like a million bucks, and King Squid and the title pages in City of Saints are classics. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Her books will now come with nanotechnology embedded in the title pages so that she may randomly and without warning sign your copy of her latest novel. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Wood appears more conspicuously as author in The Ruins of Palmyra of 1753 and The Ruins of Balbec of 1757, both on the title pages and in the extensive descriptive texts. ❋ Rowland, Ingrid D. (2009)

For example, the Yiddish literature that has been conventionally regarded as written for women was read by men too and, judging from the title pages of these books, this was no accident. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It was the same as the printing we'd seen on the title pages of the books left at the houses of the arson victims. ❋ Patterson, James (2008)

You love the inscriptions you find inside the title pages, the more emotive the better. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The title pages of the Dutch and English editions both show a group of seamen and scholars studying a globe which is also a spherical mirror that reflected the images of the men who sailed it. ❋ David Hackett Fischer (2008)

Yellowing, curling, lice-infested Penguins, endlessly recycled by unappreciative school students, who nevertheless insist on inscribing their names and form classes in misshapen Texta letters on the title pages of The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Harp in the South... ❋ Kirsty (2007)

The title pages of all three of these publications, however, still stipulated that they were intended only as “a manuscript for the use of his listeners.” ❋ Breazeale, Dan (2006)

They usually adorn the title pages of Gospel-books or other liturgical texts, and they are normally placed in the four corners of the page, enclosed in medallions, while the center is occupied by the Frankish king or the biblical David, the model for Carolingian rulers. ❋ HELEN F. NORTH (1968)

[Hoodman]: yo you're gonna get [paged] after school bro Hoodman 2: [aight] bro ❋ TDOTTREY (2017)

[I wish] [I had] Page [as a friend]! ❋ FckLoveLiveLife (2012)

“Are you [paging] [Rachel] [after school]?” ❋ What Even Is This (2019)

Was it a page? [Oh yea] [it was awesome]! ❋ Sarah Mulberry (2005)

Page is a [lover] not a [fighter] but she will fight [for what] she loves. ❋ Internetexpert (2009)

"[Did you] see Page [yesterday]? She is [so hot]!" ❋ QA123456 (2010)

Here are [three generations]: pagee, [daddy and baby]. ❋ New Grandpa (2009)

[sexy] [babe] [popular] Page ❋ Chichibabey (2012)

“Did ya hear? Ricky [paged] a [shordy]” “[Equality], I guess” ❋ Ya Goofer (2017)

A PAGE was walking up First Street with a [navy blue] blazer, grey pants, and a hideous red, white, and blue tie. PAGES get mauled by homeless men on acid trips while riding the DC metro. "Get off the [Members Only] elevator you stupid PAGE!!!" Your eyes are so sunk in that you look like a PAGE. Miss Haigler looks UNPAGELY in that skanky skirt. What's the difference between Congress and the [Library of Congress]??? ---In the Library of Congress you can't lick the PAGES. Sleeping with that Congressman was soooo UNPAGELY of you! ❋ Cheergurl07 (2006)

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