Definitions and meanings of "Paid"

What do we mean by paid?

Contented; satisfied; pleased. Also payd, payed.

Preterit and past participle of pay. noun

Receiving pay; compensated; hired.

Satisfied; contented.

Simple past tense and past participle of pay. verb

Marked by the reception of pay adjective

Involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby adjective

Yielding a fair profit adjective

To give money or other compensation to in exchange for goods or services.

To discharge, as a debt or other obligation, by giving or doing what is due or required.

To be profitable for.

To give (something else than money).

To be profitable or worth the effort.

To discharge an obligation or debt.

To suffer consequences.

To admit that a joke, punchline, etc., was funny.

To be paid (v., passive mood, state of being): To experience cashflow that exceeds one's routine financial obligations, sometimes indefinitely. Usage Note: As opposed to "getting paid," "being paid" implies an ability to splurge. Urban Dictionary

Being paid geetin that hard ass dough you earned or hustled Urban Dictionary

The persona and image of being cool and on the way to success (possibly). Paid can be attractive, tall, confident, well dressed, motivated, and (probably) a summer intern in DC. Urban Dictionary

Accept it as what it is… it is what it is Urban Dictionary

Accept it as what it is… it is what it is Urban Dictionary

To Pay Or Give Any Form Of Attention To. Urban Dictionary

A word meaning uber awesome ,uber good , uber spectacular . etc . cannot be intensified by the word uber because thats already in the definiton . created in belchertown, massachusetts by two girls . "theres a paid sticker on your shirt" "thats because im paid" "no youre uber awesome" "thats a new word now " Urban Dictionary

A user (or multiple users) paid by wealthy people or corporations to disrupt and disagree with a discussion forum or comment blog. Urban Dictionary

An unarmed security guard I mean, what the hell is this guy gonna do against a heat packing thief? Urban Dictionary

All those journotards and media houses who sell their souls and their news for a few pieces of silver. Things like journalism ethics and morality are as alien to them as ET the Extra-Terrestrial. Indians have to tolerate their 24/7 trash as there's no freaking alternative. Usually no walls between salesroom and newsroom. Modi is their bête noire and Radia tapes were their high water mark. A sleeveless skank and her old monk loving hubby give a whole new meaning to douchebaggery. Dago bitch and her moronic son pay 'em generously. Ravi- mediacrooks gives nightmares to most. Urban Dictionary

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The word "paid" in example sentences

"Just think, Sara, to be paid, actually _paid_, for having the biggest kind of a picnic," he cried rapturously. ❋ Fannie E. Newberry (N/A)

Save for the assistance of the hard-worked Tony whom she paid -- paid sparingly she confessed, but nevertheless _paid_ -- she attended to her own plowing, planting, and harvesting, and was beholden to nobody. ❋ Sara Ware Bassett (1920)

Thus a _sestertius_, which was of silver, and was worth four _asses_, was paid with one _as_, which was of brass; or _the fourth part only of the debt was paid_. ❋ 86 BC-34? BC Sallust (1844)

I would not only have them paid, but _well paid_; but I would not have them sit in parliament while they received the pay. ❋ Henry Hunt (1804)

I'll scrub and cook and haul wood for ye till I've paid ye back -- _paid ye_, "she repeated more softly, ❋ Various (1915)

Again, his title paid tribute to a significant figure in the civil-rights struggle: "Rosa Parks." ❋ Larry Blumenfeld (2011)

That was a title paid for by the spilled blood of innocents. ❋ Kate Morton (2009)

Then he'd sign the artist to a record company and pay him three or four percent out of the ten percent the label paid the middleman. ❋ Nelson, Willie & Shrake, Edwin Bud (1992)

Mr. Richards had paid her school fees annually in advance, and as at the time of his demise several months of the term paid for were unexpired, Beatrice had a comfortable home secured for her at least during that period; for the future she would either have to perform menial services at the school, or go out in the cold world without a friend or protector. ❋ Charlotte Fuhrer (N/A)

Everyone at the beginning of the term paid twopence to the general account with which ❋ Alec Waugh (1939)

I look at your debt slide, it doesn't show the term paid down on the slide. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Represented by Senate President, David Mark, Jonathan said the PDP was guaranteeing Anambra people what he called paid employment opportunities which had eluded them in the past four years. ❋ Unknown (2010)

$80 million deal with EMI in 2001 lasted one record before the label paid the singer $28 million to get out of the contract. ❋ By JOSEPH PLAMBECK (2010)

Emerson agreed, the label paid, Wild Bill was delighted, and “Come See About Me” was a huge AM hit, which did grease the runway for two more songs–Cutler originals–from Em’s next album, following it into the top ten. ❋ BILL FLANAGAN (2010)

"If you f---in' with [this girl] then [you better] be paid" - [Kanye West] ❋ TripleB (2006)

[nigga] its [about time] I [got] paid ❋ Trigueño (2007)

Yo, that guy across the bar in the [seersucker] suit and the [cowboy hat] is so [paid]. ❋ Adi Von (2019)

Girl, she [tried] [to do] me…. I [paid it] . ❋ Thvtblvckboi (2021)

Girl, she [tried] [to do] me…. I [paid it] . ❋ Thvtblvckboi (2021)

You [Paid] Me [Dust] ❋ Dee03 (2018)

"whoa did you see that guy . ?" "yeah he was totally [uber] amazing . !" "oh you mean [paid] . ?" " this is the best show ever . ! " "yeah its paidd ." loser - "i wish i was paid like that [cool kid]" ❋ Sum-airrr (2011)

That [so-and-so] always disagrees with any mention of [climate change]. He is a Paid Troll for the [oil industry]. ❋ TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky (2011)

Lady: Aahhh! That guy just took [my purse]! Guard: He sure did! Lady: Well, do something, dammit! Guard: What do you want me to do? [Run up] and slap him so he can knife me to death? I'm just a paid witness! Lady: [Argh]! ❋ Creaternity (2006)

Seems [Congress] may lose the next election. [About time] we swing our biggest [ally] - paid-media in to action. ❋ Rationalk (2013)

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