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Definitions of "painlessly"

  • In a painless manner. adverb
  • In a painless manner; without suffering or inflicting pain.
  • without pain adverb

The word "painlessly" in example sentences

In fact we'd like to enable someone who is not an expert in spatial analysis to just "try and learn" spatial operators quickly and painlessly, which is exactly what Microsoft Excel enables (you can always Undo and try out different scenarios by pasting a new formula in a different cell).. [MSDN Blogs]

Most of America - at least if you judge by the endless infomercials at 3 in the morning - is still looking for a way to lose weight "painlessly", without "deprivation" without effort.. [Dr. Jonny Bowden: Addicted to Oil, Addicted to Sugar]

This plan would "painlessly" provide 100 or more MHz of spectrum for broadband at no net cost to broadcasters or over-the-air TV viewers.. [TV Technology]

The future will depend upon how "painlessly" the Liberals can remove Dion and rebuild.. [Progressive Bloggers]

In the film as in life, the apartment is true old Milanese style, with an eclectic treasure trove of contemporary photographs by Tazio Secchiaroli and Carlo Gavazzeni, antiques, animal throws, new and vintage textiles all C&C Milano, of course and decorative objects handed down through the generations, all painlessly tossed together as some might put together the ingredients of a pasta.. [Touching the Fabric of Italian Life]

And hey ... even if they are raised for these, it's way easier to kill a mouse/rat painlessly than it is a cow.. [Taxidermy Fashion Accessories » E-Mail]

Some years ago I tried a simple recipe for banana bread that worked well and painlessly and allowed for various adaptations.. [Banana bread-cake]

So you need systems to aggregate sources painlessly.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

A moontree sprouted painlessly between Cherry and the cot, shooting up and then spreading quickly, like a beach umbrella.. [Slice Of Cherry]

Father Buenventura explained to me that by rearranging the sacred objects and gradually replacing them with Catholic symbols, the Indians would be painlessly weaned from their pagan rites and become good Catholics.. [The Huichol: personal reminiscences]

It happened in his sleep, and Marianne's one consolation later on was the thought that he had died quickly and painlessly.. [The Painter's Wife, a short story]

Mention the word to your average neighborhood bartender and the odds are probably 50-50 you'll wind up with a slushy, fruit-flavored morass of syrups and chemicals, designed to mask any hint of alcohol and get the drinker blotto as quickly and painlessly as possible.. [Tony Sachs: How To Make A Real Daiquiri - And The Best White Rums To Make It With]

Roll Through the Ages resolves itself quickly and relatively painlessly.. [Roll through the Ages, a fun little game « Third Point of Singularity]

The alien waved a purplish glowing wand above the object and it painlessly sank beneath his skin.. [365 tomorrows » 2010 » May : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

I try not to imagine the end, but when it comes, I hope they go quickly and painlessly like Dad's golfing pal, Arthur Hall, who fell asleep in his chair and never woke up.. [Claire Fordham: Road Warrior Roy]

This Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not an issue that is going to be solved simply, easily or painlessly.. [Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman: Overcoming The Fear That Drives The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict]

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