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Definitions of "palace"

  • The official residence of a royal personage. noun
  • Chiefly British The official residence of a high dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop. noun
  • A large or splendid residence. noun
  • A large, often gaudily ornate building used for entertainment or exhibitions. noun
  • Official residence of a head of state or other dignitary, especially in a monarchical or imperial governmental system. noun
  • A large and lavishly ornate residence. noun
  • A large, ornate public building used for entertainment or exhibitions. noun
  • To decorate or ornate. verb
  • The residence of a sovereign, including the lodgings of high officers of state, and rooms for business, as well as halls for ceremony and reception. noun
  • The official residence of a bishop or other distinguished personage. noun
  • Loosely, any unusually magnificent or stately house. noun
  • The house in which an emperor, a king or queen, a bishop, or other exalted personage lives: as, an imperial palace; a royal palace; a pontifical palace; a ducal palace. noun
  • noun
  • A magnificent, grand, or stately dwelling-place; a magnificent mansion or building. noun
  • An inclosed place: a yard; a landing-place inclosed by pales (see palise) or walls. noun
  • A cellar for the storing of fish. noun
  • a large ornate exhibition hall noun
  • official residence of an exalted person (as a sovereign) noun
  • the governing group of a kingdom noun

The word "palace" in example sentences

Oswald and Corinne, having seen the Capitoline Hill the day before, began their walks by Mount Palatine; it was entirely occupied by the palace of the Cæsars, called _the golden palace_.. [Corinne, Volume 1 (of 2) Or Italy]

A modern tourist, in "A Morning's Walk from London to Kew," characterizes the new palace as "the _Bastile palace_, from its resemblance to that building, so obnoxious to freedom and freemen.. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 275, September 29, 1827]

The term palace is not altogether inappropriate, for apparently the fort was occasionally used as a royal residence.. [The Makers and Teachers of Judaism]

Such a palace is always a U-shaped, lavish, monumental building, also known as a tecpan.. [The Tecpan of Ocomo: largest indigenous palace in Mesoamerica]

Both still exist, the palace is a museum, and Cortes 'home is now a fine restaurant, It is expensive, and definitely a splurge experience to eat there.. [Spanish toponyms (place names)]

Caliph replied, “O Masrur, the palace is my palace and the girls are my property: furthermore my soul inclineth not to aught of this.”. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

HUNTER-GAULT: Critics have vowed to challenge what they call the palace constitution, if there is a court to hear it.. [CNN Transcript Jan 18, 2003]

The entrance to the palace is at the end of an arched recess, and it is guarded night and day by twelve soldierly-looking white Bears.. [The Story of My Life]

Now, before you return to what you call the palace, and which looks to me like the main building of the Allegheny Brick. [The Slim Princess]

The long low-roofed building at the east side of the palace is the "Bungalow" to which frequent reference has been made. page 102. [Hawaii's Story, by Hawaii's Queen]

All the prejudices with which he hardens men's hearts against truth and holiness are the strong-holds which he erects for the keeping of his palace; this palace is his garrison.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)]

Elite Soviet troops stormed the main palace in Kabul – and quickly killed its president Hafizullah Amin, whom the KGB regarded as a US agent.. [Russian military could be drawn back into Afghanistan]

There was so much gold leaf in the place when it was completed it was called a palace of glittering gold.. [Fox dynasty hails the ancestor who shaped a town]

The mainstream media say Edwards 'palace is actually only 28000 square feet.. [WITBD? Edwards or Spitzer?]

Zachriel: A king collecting taxes from peasants to buy a new palace is not socialism.. [A question of faith]

A king collecting taxes from peasants to buy a new palace is not socialism.. [A question of faith]

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  • Pronunciations(pălˈĭs)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation pal ace


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