Character 6
Hyphenation pal ing
Pronunciations /ˈpeɪlɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Paling"

What do we mean by paling?

One of a row of upright pointed sticks forming a fence; a pale. noun

Pointed sticks used in making fences; pales. noun

A fence made of pales or pickets. noun

Pales or stakes collectively. noun

A fence formed by connecting pointed vertical stakes by horizontal rails above and below; a picket fence; hence, in general, that which incloses or fences in; in the plural, pales collectively as forming a fence. noun

Stripes on cloth resembling pales. noun

The putting of the stripes called pales on cloth. noun

Pales, in general; a fence formed with pales or pickets; a limit; an inclosure. noun

The act of placing pales or stripes on cloth; also, the stripes themselves. noun

One of the slabs sawed from the sides of a log to fit it to be sawed into boards. noun

Present participle of pale. verb

A pointed stick used to make a fence. noun

A fence made of palings. noun

A fence made of upright pickets noun

To turn pale; to lose colour.

To become insignificant.

To make pale; to diminish the brightness of.

The opposite of tanning. To sit in a room with shades drawn allowing no sunlight in. To hide away from all sunlight. No fake tans. Urban Dictionary

Having pale skin isnt a bad thing neither is having tan skin the problem is people obsessing over it in asia you see girl with the most white skin ever and they are praised upon it while here in america girls will go to drastic measures for bronze skin i say forget the pale and the tan but kno the inner beauty Urban Dictionary

To be 'pale' for someone means to want to be their platonic soulmate, or their moirail. You want to be their best friend, and you want them to trust you. A non-romantic crush. Urban Dictionary

A really bad hangover Urban Dictionary

The area of and sourrounding Dublin ireland. Full of west brits with their D4 accents and inability to see that lenster are not as good at rugby as munster. Urban Dictionary

Used to refer to something that is bad (usually used when refering to boredom), be that a situation or a place. The term is most commonly used in the South Manchester area Urban Dictionary

1) A man who won't admit to himself, or anyone that he "plays for the other side". 2) Hasn't come out of the closet just yet. 3) In the closet 4) A way to tell someone you know they're gay, without them catching on, or without insulting them. Urban Dictionary

Pale is a nickname I name my brother Urban Dictionary

No Anime, Just Audience Collaboration & Trollge Urban Dictionary

The non-medical noun or description of an attractive natually pale skinned female, someone who is very light complexion, that does not tan. Generally appreciated by East Asian cultures or of the Caucasian descent. Urban Dictionary

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The word "paling" in example sentences

I sometimes, indeed, receive a male visitor, at the other side of the paling, which is my grille; but to change my way of life is a dream that does not trouble me. ❋ Unknown (2003)

It was surrounded on three sides by a dyke of stones and sod, topped by a gray and uncertain paling. ❋ Lucy Maud (1919)

Next to your lordly wall, in dignity of enclosure, comes your close-set wooden paling, which is more objectionable, because it commonly means enclosure on a larger scale than people want. ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

Senar ditandai dari yang paling tipis ke yang paling tebal, artinya senar 1 itu adalah senar yang paling tipis alias paling bawah, sedangkan senar 6 adalah senar yang paling tebal alias yang paling atas. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Enough ..... interest in her is certainly "paling". ❋ Unknown (2009)

Before it is a little garden with flowers, and a paling which is painted. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Hawkins put up the first "paling" fence that had ever adorned the village; and he did not stop there, but whitewashed it. ❋ Mark Twain (1872)

Despite paling in comparison to almost anything on the hugely idiosyncratic E = MC² (the most Mariah of Mariah albums, thus my favorite), the Mariahisms abound. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Romola Garai does a good job here of paling horror as she realises that Marnie is aware of their fling, but again, this epiphany is thrown away later in an odd jumble of nascent feminism, as Bel asks her mother, rather uninspiringly, Why can't we do what the hell we like? ❋ Unknown (2011)

Not considered a quality, e.g., bad tempered in time of distress, reddening through shame, paling in fright. ❋ Jonathan Aquino (2009)

Her weapon is the nasty, snide attack -- on Obama for "paling around with terrorists," on all liberals as un-American, on critics as "limp, impotent members of of the old boys club" who lack "cajones." ❋ Mark Green (2011)

His skin seemed to be paling rapidly, its amorphous fading more pronounced. ❋ Allison Pang (2011)

Golkar mengklaim bahwa partai golkar adalah partai yg paling berhasil mereformasi diri. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the rear, a gate through a low paling fence led to a snug, squat bungalow, built in the California Spanish style and seeming to have been compounded directly from the landscape of which it was so justly a part. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Sleep came to him in the end, but his eyes were open with the first paling or the stars, and the gray of dawn caught him with breakfast finished and climbing the hillside in the direction of the secret abiding-place of Mr. Pocket. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Girl 1- Hey, why are you just sitting in that dark closet? Girl 2- [SHUT THE DOOR]!!! I'M [PALING]!!! Girl 1- That's so weird... Girl2- [At least I'm not] orange. ❋ Beerbatteredbeefcurtains (2009)

[tan] [skin] is just as bueatiful as [pale skin] ❋ Fran/cheska (2007)

[Fuck] I'm really [pale] for [Gamzee]. Help. ❋ OGHomestuck (2018)

i [feel] so pale [lad] [wot] happenend last night ❋ Pat Whelan (2006)

i wouldn't go near [the pale] [it's a shit] [hole]. ❋ Rob Corkman (2006)

[breh] #1: "Man this club is pale" breh #2: "yeah lets [do one], its sending me on a whitey (on a [downer])" ❋ Legendinho99 (2009)

Guy 1- Dang, he is pale. Guy 2- What did you expect? [There isn't any] light in the closet. Straight guy-Hey man, you're looking pretty pale. Gay guy- Yeah, I haven't been outside [doing stuff] in a while. Has know, [allergies]. Straight guy- Sure. Let's go with that. ❋ Haleyhi725 (2013)

Me: [Hi] Pale Pale: Hi Me: 👌 ❋ VeryEpicPigoen (2019)

Pale: Used For Videos & [Ads] On [YouTube] | Also Used For [Clean] Videos & Ads ❋ INSERTLUCK.EXE (2021)

[Might be] used by a male to describe an extremely [pale] looking female that he finds attractive. "[Hello] Paleness..." ❋ JackMcLov (2018)

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