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Definitions of "pandora"

  • Any fish of the genus Pagellus. noun

The word "pandora" in example sentences

I can think of 5 things called pandora, off the top of my head, and there are probably many people named that, too, as it IS a name.. [GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features]

i want to share a link to a message board. it is called pandora's aquarium. it's for survivours of sexual violence. it's really good. a very friendly environment.. [speak-out Diary Entry]

No, because you are opening friggin 'pandora's box.. [Chicago Indymedia]

..n' red neckerson...that "likker cabnet" can be a real 'pandora's box' if ya know what i mean.... [About Face: Cycling and Changing Direction]

i just watched rollerball - not what i expected. i've gone though all the herzog blockbuster offers. have you ever seen 'pandora's box' (pabst, i think)? incredible.. [WFMU's recent playlists]

December 8th, 2009 at 5: 02 am good site … will read more … thanks for share … pandora charms Says:. [Matthew Yglesias » Toy Drives Checking Immigration Status of Children]

I think it was a smart move on his part to minimize the real humans interacting with his pandora world where the contrast could be a distraction.. [Movie Review: Avatar » Scene-Stealers]

I tend to use pandora for music, but I guess I'll be trying out last. fm.. [Kantaris Remixes VLC Media Player With New Looks And Features | Lifehacker Australia]

Blue round circle mouse grape bead fit pandora bracelet. [Mouse Round | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Tue 11/24/09 9: 38 PM my money is on pandora for the win u go gurl. ['RuPaul's Drag Race' Exclusive: Meet the season 2 cast and watch them werq! |]

I love the fact that I can watch shows from hulu, switch over to Ted Talks for some inspiration, study a bit by watching opencourseware from MIT, and play some pandora for background noise when I have guests over.. [So That’s Why Hulu Hates Boxee]

A tool I've found useful for finding new bands I like is pandora. com.. [Tunes For Thought]

Michael (1/23/2010 9: 29: 01 PM) i think it would be interesting if mabye the son or some relative became the new general and that the story stays on pandora.. [‘Avatar’ Sequel Confirmed By James Cameron… And Here’s What We’d Like To See » MTV Movies Blog]

Boy, do you have a lot catching up (and crying) to do =/the spiller ameron just gave away what the sequel is about in a press conference to scientists - The navi look so human because the human race created them and populated pandora with them.. [Dune Finds New Screenwriter | /Film]

What about a transportal device, with dial a moon or something, that other scientist made to go from pandora, the home base, to study all the moons?. [Will Future ‘Avatar’ Movies Focus On Pandora’s Neighboring Moons? » MTV Movies Blog]

RosanatorDA holograms, and one step further ... multi wall screen. think avatar with a screen in front, to your right and left, and one on the ceiling, you could be standing on pandora.. [The Latest Gimmick: Last Call, an Interactive Horror Movie, Will Phone You During the Film | /Film]

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@DavidZipper: My latest in @CityLab: Why a recent change in Uber's driver app could open a Pandora's box of discrimination against low-…


@ChicShion: No está del todo equivocada esta nota, @lopezobrador_ debe abandonar ya eso del punto final y la consulta, USA dio el paso a…


@Mix__Pandora Qué te pasó mi viri viri bam bam querida?


@KaiffYT @EOBOfficialGame Kaif. Do you know the Pandora's Box you openes?


@Franklin_Graham @johnpcoale @realDonaldTrump Frankie honey you're too funny. You're the nation's #1 hate preacher…


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