Character 5
Hyphenation pap py
Pronunciations /pæpi/

Definitions and meanings of "Pappy"

What do we mean by pappy?

Like pap; soft; mushy.

- n. - a father or grandfather, or old folk in general Urban Dictionary

A name given by a friend or friends.another word meaning an amazingly amazing friend you love and couldn't live without :) Urban Dictionary

Slang for Pap Smear, i.e. a medical procedure for the early detection of cancer in the cervix. Urban Dictionary

To finger-bang an asian Urban Dictionary

A cute adorable dog Urban Dictionary

An employee of a company who may not neccessarily be the highest in seniority, but is the oldest in a group of his/her peers at work. Urban Dictionary

A hairy specimen that is very soft to the touch and is of the human breed. (jokes) Urban Dictionary

A cute pet-name that girls can call their boyfriends or guy friends. Compared to what Latinos may call guys they know , doesnt neccessarily mean daddy . Urban Dictionary

A greeting used by stoners. describes a close friend. Do not use unless you trust the guy your talkin to. Urban Dictionary

Another word for poo and other words which mean the same. E.g. Shit, Crap, Feces. Urban Dictionary

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The word "pappy" in example sentences

Bill Simms -- that's the name pappy kept after the War. ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

We didn't had no church, though my pappy was a preacher. ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

His pappy was a white man, and no poor white trash neither. ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

The folks jest called my pappy "Charley Rogers 'boy Joe." ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

My pappy was a kind of a boss of the negroes that run the boat, and they all belong to old Master Joe. ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

I developed it because my pappy was a journalist, and he thought it'd be useful for lectures. ❋ Unknown (2010)

That's what Abdul Fostock has to deal with - his pappy is the ex-Tottenham Ayatollah, Omar Bakri Muhammad. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Old Joe thought about it a minute and said: "Well, my pappy was a Democrat and his papppy was a Democrat." ❋ Unknown (2008)

One of them gave her $500 for her election campaign and his pappy is a former commissioner and he wants Donna to do him a favor. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Clinton was fortunate to have Ross Perot peeling votes from "pappy" Bush. ❋ Unknown (2008)

My brothers that were left on the farm said they would miss "pappy" (as they all called their fathers then) and would go down to the field every day and look at his tracks made in the soft soil of the field, as he went away. ❋ Unknown (1924)

Conversely, for some people political identification has little to do with the marketplace of ideas e.g. “my pappy was a Democrat, my grandpappy was a Democrat, and by God I’m a Democrat too!” ❋ Unknown (2009)

Whut you reckon yo 'pappy' u'd t'ink ef he could see you ca'in 'on dis away? ❋ Paul Laurence Dunbar (1889)

Patsy Ann Meriweather would have told you that her father, or more properly her "pappy," was a "widover," and she would have added in her sad little voice, with her mournful eyes upon you, that her mother had ❋ Paul Laurence Dunbar (1889)

Bobby's gran'pappy's fight, and so, of course, fell asleep and fell forward into a pile on top of Bobby, who had an awful time getting out from under the heap. ❋ Edward Eggleston (1869)

A boy’s love for his pappy is a powerful thing, and if it means Preznit Bush Jr. has to pretend to listen to a report fulla surrenderification nonsense to make his daddy smile, it’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"My pappy was a man what b'lieved in havin 'his fun and he would run off to see de gals widout no pass. ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

Dock Wilborn's "pappy" Sam was in some respects disobedient, prompted mainly so it seems by his complete dislike for any form of labor and which Dan Wilborn due to their mutual affection appeared to tolerate for long periods or until such time that his patience was exhausted when he would then apply his lash to Sam a few times and often after these periodical punishments Sam would escape to the dense forests that surrounded the plantation where he would remain for days or until ❋ Work Projects Administration (N/A)

An 'the Injun he chopped my gran'pappy's finger off weth his tomahawk, and ---- " ❋ Edward Eggleston (1869)

Homie 1: Hey, wanna meet me in da alley and garden some Mary Jane? Homie 2: Aw [schnap], I gotta visit mah pappy! Maybe some other day... Homie 1: Dayums, me too...I hate mah papps but I gotta score some watson from dat biatch...catcha Tuesday. Homie 2: [Yah-yah]! [Buhbye] ❋ Bensta (2005)

pappy is [the greatest] [bestest friend] in [the world]! ❋ Heathcabf00l! (2009)

A naked [business woman] marches into the [gynecologist's] exam room, jumps on the table and places her feet in the stirrups. Her tight, bald yoni twitches with impatience. "Ms...?" asks the doctor, still fumbling with her file. "Spare me the [chit-chat], Doc!" hisses the lady, tapping her watch. "Gimme a pappy and make it snappy!" ❋ Bobsyeruncle (2009)

You [see] that [hot] [asian]? I'd pappy her. ❋ Carlos JJJ SSS (2008)

[hey look] [at that] pappy ❋ 420deng (2014)

Did you [talk to] pappy [last night] [at work]? ❋ Guardian Of The Night (2011)

I have just [shaved] myself, [looks like] I am a [happy Pappy]! ❋ Ibaldo Walton (2003)

[Hii] pappi ! ❋ Blonde.brunnette (2010)

[wasssup] pappie?? Was [crakin] pappie!!?? ❋ Gangsta Stoner (2008)

[Bloody hell] [I'm dying] for a [pappy]! ❋ Wor Healey (2014)

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