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Hyphenation pa ra
Pronunciations /ˈpɑːɹə/

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A former subunit of currency in several countries in the Ottoman/Turkish and Yugoslav regions.

Sort of something, but not quite. Urban Dictionary

Used in my town for drunk, short for paraletic. extremely drunk of comatosed. Urban Dictionary

A shortened version of the word (paraletic), describing the highest state of drunkeness. The final stage of being drunk before vommiting and/or blacking out. General memory loss. Often coupled with an adjective or adverb. Urban Dictionary

The word "paranoid" in short form. Urban Dictionary

Paranoid(short way to say instead of sayin it all) it defines the sentence but u dont say it as paranoid the person u talk to has to undastan the sentence Urban Dictionary

A Filipino/Tagalog word that means "to stop". This word is often used in jeepneys in the Philippines since Jeepney drivers don't stop in the corressponding jeepney stops. The word is believed to have originated from the spanish word "Para", Meaning "TO" or in the "DIRECTION OF" when referring to a specific place: SPANISH: Voy para Europa. ENGLISH: I'm heading to Europe. "Para" has two meanings: 1) To Stop. 2) As Preposition Urban Dictionary

In the game CounterStrike:Source, the term para may refer to either a) The M249 Machine Gun, also known as "Para," this gun is fantastic for support fire but pretty useless over long range, or- b) With allusion to parachuting or paratrooping; the act of jumping in front of an opponent then showering him with bullets as you descend. Usually a desperate last resort tactic used when surprised or sprung, but can be used as an offence on some occasions, for example during a seige - "para" can be used to surprise and deter enemy frontmen, allowing your team to advance. In this instance you are essentially a kamikaze and are sacrificing yourself for the good of your team. Best guns for "para" are p90, mac10, mp5 and of course the eponymous m249 para. Urban Dictionary

To become extremely intoxicated. Derived from Paralysed, Paranoid. Urban Dictionary

The biggest bagoon in the history of the Counter-Strike series. Urban Dictionary

Short for the Parachute Regiment of the brittish army. A regiment that thinks with its fists first and its head second. Now obsolete due to it never again performing an operationol jump. They try in vain to perform like Royal Marines. Urban Dictionary

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The word "para" in example sentences

We readily excuse the proverb, "_Quem vai para Pará para_" ( "He who goes to ❋ James Orton (1853)

I learned that "para" does not refer to paraplegic, but instead, "para" comes from the Greek word meaning "beside," since the Games are held alongside ❋ Unknown (2009)

“Uh, not really,” I said, focusing on a worksheet about usage of the word por versus the word para, just in case Señora Alvarez showed up, just in case she remembered that she had assigned us homework. ❋ Leila Sales (2010)

The "guns" and asked if i would be interested in para marine training, (he really wasn't ASKING) So thinking I was pretty ❋ Unknown (2010)

Cre una torre de alta tensin para demostrar el transporte de energa impiety cable y gratuito y al pedir ms dinero para seguir criminal las investigaciones, se lo denegaron criminal intencin premeditada. ❋ Admin (2009)

Yup, the first para is kind of a mess of character introductions, quickly resolved by paragraph four but annoying nonetheless. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Instead, they have high involvement in "para-church" institutions like Bible study groups and other kinds of fellowship. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Sprinkle all the info in para 1 in little dribbles throughout the first chapter. ❋ Unknown (2008)

One of the stranger things (to me, at least) about para para is that smiling does not seem to be required, or even desirable. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The "grave consequences" mentioned in para 13 of the Dorn Affirmation is a conclusory allegation, for which prosecution of the torturers is the only conceivable consequence. ❋ Unknown (2006)

[Paramilitary]; sort of military [Paramedic]; sort of a [medic] ❋ Kevinn (2007)

[holy shit] [im] para. gonna get para [tonight]! ❋ Colej666 (2006)

[John] was so para last night. [I am] getting totally para on [friday]. ❋ Sam Tendall (2007)

"Hey man, don't be so para! No [cops] are [shining] a [light into] this house from out of the street!!" [email protected] (2008)

"why u [keep] turnin [round] [dis] girl/guy is on para" ❋ Lateifah (2005)

Usage 1: * A student riding a [jeepney] have reached the school * Student: Mama, Para po, sa tabi [lng]. ( Sir, please stop on the sidewalk.) Usage 2: Ang [Dog House] ay para sa ASO. ( The [dog house] is for the dog ) ❋ Javarush (2005)

1: Dude, para sucks, you got me with a [mac10]. 2: (Player breaks [seige] on base by performing "para" with mac10, headshotting 2 players then dying. His team finishes off the assailants.) Player: hell yeah, PARA!! Player2: lol yeah nice paraPlayer3: [fuk off] noob ❋ MrKapper (2007)

I got [way] para [last night], it was [radcore]. ❋ Erratika (2004)

[Haha] [look at that] lowskiller, what a [Para]! ❋ Para TM (2013)

[God], I've got a head-ache that would [kill] a [Para]!! ❋ Smudge Smith (2008)

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