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A little more context: the global average of women in parliaments is 17% so like in a lot of things the US (16%) is just below average. Matthew Yglesias » Women in Parliament

All that talk about bringing power back home to the local parliaments is great. Matthew Yglesias » Ever-Closer Union

Straw feels however, that the use of three parliaments is needed to obtain the 80%-100% elected chamber. 12 year delay for Lord reforms! You’ve had 12 years!… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…

The fixed-term parliaments bill prevents fracturing by ensuring neither partner can threaten the other with an early election. Constitutional reforms in a fix | Editorial

Straw feels however, that the use of three parliaments is needed to obtain the 80%-100% elected chamber. 2009 August « My Political Ramblings…

They will have to get a move on – the fixed term parliaments bill, setting the date of the next election as 7 May 2015, has already reached its Lords' report stage. Letters: Election deadline

That commitment is not just to tougher expenses rules but to a national debate in a referendum on the electoral system, to fixed-term parliaments, to an elected House of Lords, and to a much more powerful role for backbenchers in the Commons. The new politics is pragmatic

Former Labour lord chancellor Lord Falconer said he backed the idea of fixed-term parliaments, but warned the present proposals risked leaving an impotent "zombie" government in power. Backbenchers gear up for first rebellion over 55% Commons plan

The ex-Lib Dem MP David Howarth, who developed party policy on fixed-term parliaments, says there are no plans to change rules on no-confidence. Q&A: Fixed-term parliaments and the 55% rule

Every line of his remit is directed not at people in the towns and counties of Britain but at Westminster: alternative voting, fixed-term parliaments and Lords reform, the last almost certainly meaning party list proportional representation. What happened to the Big Society? It was killed by proximity to power

Introduces fixed-term parliaments, gives voters the right to recall MPs found guilty of serious wrongdoing and sets up a referendum on the alternative vote system. Queen's speech debate - live blog

Early in the life of this coalition, a great deal of weight is being placed on plans for fixed-term parliaments, democratising the Lords, holding a referendum on the voting system, scrapping ID cards and the rest of that agenda. Why Cameron prefers coalition to being alone with his own party

He said it would be better if the government arranged for Britain to have fixed-term parliaments by changing the standing orders of the House of Commons. Politics live blog - Tuesday 7 September

Fixed term parliaments are an important rebalancing of power from the executive to parliament. Politics live blog – Monday 5 July 2010

(See 2. 19pm) • The Cabinet Office has rejected a suggestion from the clerk of the Commons, parliament's most senior legislative expert, that it should shelve the fixed-term parliaments bill. Politics live blog - Tuesday 7 September

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