Definitions and meanings of "Particularized"

What do we mean by particularized?

To make particular, as opposed to general; to restrict to a specific or individual case, class etc.; to single out.

To be specific about (individual instances); to go into detail (about), to specify.

To differentiate, make distinct from others.

Seemingly insignificant things that must be done in a particular way (aka mild ocd) This word was made by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth  Urban Dictionary

Euphemism for genitalia; privates  Urban Dictionary

Seemingly insignifigant things that must be done in a particular way... aka mild ocd  Urban Dictionary

This is a word created by Moriah Elizabeth which means something that you are very particular about  Urban Dictionary

The act of being neurotic about clean shoes after recess, impeccably clean desks, and matchy everything; being annoyed by the sheer mention of glitter glue.  Urban Dictionary

A word that geometry teachers like to use...a lot.  Urban Dictionary

Word made by Youtuber ´Moriah Elizabeth`. Seemingly insignificant things that must be done in a particular way. Aka mild ocd.  Urban Dictionary

Phrase derived from author James Howard Kunstler's influential work 'The Geography Of Nowhere' which, like similar tomes with a social conscience (e.g., 'Fast Food Nation', 'Bowling Alone', et al), challenged Americans to reassess the plight of their urban/suburban landscapes, especially since the end of World War Two. What Kunstler found was a terrain blighted by shopping and strip malls, fast food restaurants, twelve lane super highways, shoddily constructed business and residential developments or what he referred to as 'cartoon architecture'.  Urban Dictionary

The words cops use for "person" when they are trying to sound smart.  Urban Dictionary

An indie rock band in Nashville, TN that has yet to create an album, but has 11 awesome songs that i have heard live.  Urban Dictionary

The word "particularized" in example sentences

How to use particularized in a sentence? Example sentences with the particularized, a sentence example for particularized, and how to make particularized in sample sentence, how do I use the word particularized in a sentence? How do you spell particularized in a sentence?

But his evaluative criterium was restricted to the matching of individual preferences with political outcomes in particularized decisions, rather than over any sequence. ❋ Unknown (1992)

These four were just one vote away in Massachusetts v. EPA from blocking judicial review of the legality of EPA's failure to regulate greenhouse gases on the ground that global warming does not cause "particularized" injury. ❋ Unknown (2008)

So, because Jews and Asians, at least those who are US citizens can vote, and they are not barred from holding office themselves; and because the intention of affirmative action programs is to benefit those who because of their race or ethnicity may have been discriminated against in the past, not to selectively disadvantage anyone from other particularized, clearly identifiable group (s); “affirmative action is unlikely to get out of hand”?! ❋ Unknown (2010)

The U.S. does as well, not always by checkpoint but frequently enough by Customs and Border Protection stops and inspections, sometimes pursuant to particularized investigations. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We also know that Huemer has arbitrarily elevated on source of disagreement and downplayed his others using an arbitrary and particularized conception of the world. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Second, courts should require a search warrant that is particularized to individuals rather than Internet accounts to collect the contents of protected Internet communications. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If “instances of my ungrateful behaviour had been particularized, I would have answered to them.” ❋ David A. Clary (2011)

"We are now convinced that proponents' claim to standing depends on proponents' particularized interests created by state law or their authority under state law to defend the constitutionality of the initiative," the panel said. ❋ AP (2011)

Chris Travers says: pdxnag: If a person seeking to gain any lawful status has to admit to past criminal conduct would this require an official, and particularized, presidential pardon? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Since the actual value of the prospective monopoly will depend on the value of the work to the public without reference to any particular political action, the public need not pay for the abuse and inefficiency likely in a more particularized payment scheme. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The bottom line is correct — “... courts should require a search warrant that is particularized to individuals rather than Internet accounts ..”. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Leipzig, formed in 1988, has cultivated a particularized style in this repertoire, one that, in the National Gallery's cavernous West Garden Court, offers both rewards and frustrations. ❋ Unknown (2011)

When an internal whistle blower started asking questions, they were justified by illegal (“blanket”) authorizations (the FBI used to accept that search authorizations, even retroactive emergency ones, must be justified in writing and particularized). ❋ Unknown (2010)

“As the government concedes, Ford had no particularized basis to suspect that Everett possessed any weapons, drugs, or other contraband – although she testified that, in her experience, it was ‘very common ... for people to have firearms in [their] vehicle after they have been drinking.’” ❋ Unknown (2010)

If a person seeking to gain any lawful status has to admit to past criminal conduct would this require an official, and particularized, presidential pardon? ❋ Unknown (2010)

[I need] to [satisfy] all of my [particularisms] ❋ My Cat Is Very Chonkey (2020)

"[Ain't] you ever seen [a man's] [particulars] before?" ❋ Solomon Pierce (2015)

I [gotta] [satisfy] all my [particularisms] ❋ Xd Moriah Elizabeth Fan (2020)

One of my [particularisms] about the way I like [colors] in a [rainbow] to be in the correct order ❋ Izzy J :) (2020)

[Mrs. Arnold] is [particular] about... [nothing]. ❋ Work Wifey (2015)

I'm thinking that on this [particular] problem we'll use [vertical] [angles]. ❋ Kyle R (2005)

Person A: Why are you being so [thorough] with your work? [Person B]: I need to [satisfy] all my particularisms. ❋ TheGloomyGoddess (2020)

Bill : say Tom, where are you living these days ? Tom : oh, out on 197th Mile Rd. in Paradise County, just east of the [Rolling Meadows] gated community, adjacent to a [Chuckie Cheese's] and Major [Magic's] Pizza Revue, in between the 467th and 468th exit and on ramps to the eighteen lane Interstate, right behind the Wonderland strip mall, right next to a nature band-aid consisting of wood chips and one-foot tall shrubs. Bill : Wow. In other words, nowhere in particular. Tom : That's right ! Ain't this country great ! ❋ Virgin Suicides (2017)

This particular individual that I pulled over was [driving] [under the influence] of [several] controlled substances. ❋ S4vr0 (2017)

(At a [Nowhere In Particular] live show) guy 1: Dude, this band [blows], let's leave. guy 2: Your a fucking emo, [what do] you know about music? ❋ CowboyDan1314 (2005)

What does particularized mean?

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