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Definitions of "party"

  • A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement: a cocktail party. noun
  • A group of people who have gathered to participate in an activity. See Synonyms at band2. noun
  • An established political group organized to promote and support its principles and candidates for public office. noun
  • A person or group involved in an enterprise; a participant or an accessory: I refuse to be a party to your silly scheme. noun
  • Law A person or group involved in a legal proceeding as a litigant. noun
  • A subscriber to a telephone party line. noun
  • A person using a telephone. noun
  • A person: "And though Grainger was a spry old party, such steps couldn't be his” ( Anthony Hyde). noun
  • A selected group of soldiers: a raiding party. noun
  • Slang An act of sexual intercourse. noun
  • Slang An orgy. noun
  • Of, relating to, or participating in an established political organization: party members; party politics. adjective
  • Suitable for use at a social gathering: party dresses; a party hat. adjective
  • Characteristic of a pleasurable social gathering: a party atmosphere. adjective
  • To celebrate or carouse at or as if at a party: That night we partied until dawn. verb-intransitive
  • Divided; in part. adjective
  • Partly. adverb
  • A person or group of people constituting a particular side in a contract or legal action. noun
  • With to: an accessory, someone who takes part. noun

The word "party" in example sentences

You have to tow the party line to get the nomination, even though that \'party line\ 'is so far out of the mainstream.'. [Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place]

Now, there you have at once the reason why we want the ballot; we want to be able to do something for the party in a substantial way, so that men may not tell us they have no room for us because we do nothing _for the party_.. [History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)]

Well, then, so far as there is no law, there is the reign of influence; there is party without of necessity _party_ action.. [Loss and Gain The Story of a Convert]

The most moderate party, consisting of those who would sustain the throne, but limit its powers by a free constitution, retaining many of the institutions and customs which antiquity had rendered venerable, was called the _Girondist party_.. [Madame Roland, Makers of History]

He will only hurt himself, and do no good to his party, for in _party_ the whole thing originates.. [Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 4 (of 6) With His Letters and Journals]

“If you held a party in 1980 and didn’t have this song, you didn’t have a party” vocalist Mary Davis proclaimed in her introduction to. [Kansas City Star: Front Page]

This has badly affected the morale of our party workers, € Mr Ram Gopal Yadav, who heads the party€ ™ s parliamentary wing, said here on Saturday night.. [The Economic Times]

And to find out if that person will be at a party, you can check the parties stream or perform a Twitter search (e.g. +party +Friday) in that person's stream.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0]

Certainly, this cannot be said to be an accurate description of the position of men who believe in the rule of a nation of one hundred and eighty millions by a small party of two hundred thousand or less -- or even by an entire class representing not more than six per cent. of the population -- and Lenine and his friends, recognizing the fact, decided to change the name of their group to the _Communist party_, by which name they are now known in Russia.. [Bolshevism The Enemy of Political and Industrial Democracy]

His Justice and Development party is socially conservative and has been called Islamist-leaning by Western journalists but that's a label party officials themselves haven't embraced.. [News]

Nobody or certain party is thrilled with the economy, unemployment rate, etc.. [Obama jokes that pundits would make lousy farmers]

Going to a party, then, means you agree to be taken on your personal merits, that you will rely neither on pulling rank nor on being obsequious—that you come in friendship, and that you take part, where the sense of the word party is exactly that: a becoming party to something, a joining in in such a way that you leave any pretensions to or concerns about status at the door.. [BREAKFAST WITH SOCRATES]

We -- we left it in our car the night of the label party right after the award show and came back out, and the car had been gone, someone said for like 15 minutes.. [CNN Transcript May 26, 2005]

Tonight, meet someone from New York for whom the label party pro is a badge of honor.. [CNN Transcript - Special Event: Democratic National Convention: President's Clinton Keynote Address to Focus on Economy and Share Credit With Gore - August 14, 2000]

When in difficulties the Emperor may consult individually some of his near relatives, but there is no coherent group to which the term party could properly be applied.. [Russia]

I think they are in error, at least in the Canadian sense of the term party; and that this error has been at the bottom of most of our civil discords and executive abuses.. [The Story of My Life Being Reminiscences of Sixty Years' Public Service in Canada]

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