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A secret word, phrase, or sequence of characters that must be presented in order to gain access or admittance. noun

A secret parole or countersign by which a friend may be distinguished from a stranger, and allowed to pass. noun

A word to be given before a person is allowed to pass; a watchword; a countersign. noun

A secret word used to gain admittance or to gain access to information; watchword. noun

A string of characters used to log in to a computer or network, to access a level in a video game, etc. noun

To protect with a password. verb

A secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group noun

A word used to gain admittance or to gain access to information; watchword.

A string of characters used to log in to a computer or network, to access a level in a video game, etc.

Something that's better off if nobody knows about except for whomever posseses it.  Urban Dictionary

The most common password.  Urban Dictionary

Because you have bad memory and can't remember a password unless the search bar tells you.  Urban Dictionary

You're password is the word password.  Urban Dictionary

A penis that is too short. When you try using "penis" as a password, it will say it's too short.  Urban Dictionary

The inability to remember a password for a specific account or login due to having so many different passwords for so many different things.  Urban Dictionary

Something way to easy to crack at  Urban Dictionary

A certain word or code that people use to keep other people out of their shit. Alot of people are stupid and use their user name or thier own name, or even the word "password". Passwords tend to work about 70% of the time, but some crafty assholes can get past easier ones.  Urban Dictionary

A word-guessing game show created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The original 1960s version, hosted by Allen Ludden, was followed by two incarnations: "Password Plus" (1979-1982, with Ludden and Tom Kennedy) and "Super Password" (1984-1989, with Bert Convy).  Urban Dictionary

"Password" is typically the password schools choose for their school computers that probably run Windows 7 and have less ram than the first iphone. Also, "Password" is a common password for people who are not underpaid teacher. Such as little Timmy sitting in the corner with his laptop playing cool math games who does not even know the definition of his brother hacking his little laptop and searching up "porn" so when his mum checks his search history he gets fucking disowned.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use password in a sentence? Example sentences with the password, a sentence example for password, and how to make password in sample sentence, how do I use the word password in a sentence? How do you spell password in a sentence?

Enter the correct password in the _password_ field.   ❋ Jecogite (2010)

I could read and delete them. username = "[email protected] upn"; password = "xyzpdq"; sleep 2 echo USER $username sleep 1 echo PASS $password sleep 2 echo STAT sleep 1 echo QUIT   ❋ Ml41782 (2009)

Download the source code, open twitter_status. php, change $username and $password with your Twitter username and password and upload the file in your test server.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

GetFormsCredentials userName = _userName password = _password authority = _domain   ❋ Unknown (2009)

InputBox, password, Enter Password, (Leave this field blank if you don´t set a password), hide runwait, "\% A_ScriptDir\%\exe2ahk. exe", \% 1\% \% password\%   ❋ Unknown (2008)

· Changing to service mode and entering the password_ you will get a pop-up with the password as the title.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

AS declare @err0 int update WL_user set password = @password where UserName = @userName set @err0 = @@error select @err0 as err0   ❋ Unknown (2008)

username = $username, password = $password, my $friends_list = $nt-friends;   ❋ Unknown (2010)

$q = "UPDATE tbl_users SET username = $username, password = $password WHERE user_ID = $user_ID"; mysql_query ($q, $connection) or die (mysql_error ()); now i am getting the error Unknown column 'gaby' in 'field list'.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

\password psql will prompt you for a password and then prompt you to reenter it (remember this password, because you will need it later).   ❋ Dan Nessett (2009)

mysql user should be “$username” too password “$password” also, with grants only on the tables belonging to this weblog set permalink scheme to   ❋ Unknown (2004)

$result = mysql_query ( "SELECT * FROM E where id = '$id' AND password = '$password'") or die (mysql_error ());  

Net:: Twitter - > new (username = > $user, password = > $password, source = > "Utah Politics Retweeter", clientname = >   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"UPDATE [files] SET [description] = @description, [password] = @password, [title] = @title,   ❋ Unknown (2008)

A password is like underwear; no one should know you don't have it. ❋ Michael F. (2003)

I bet your password is "password". ❋ HahaX6X10^23 (2019)

Guy: So if you're having memory problems, how do you remember your passwords? Other Guy: The password is password, so the search bar tells me. ❋ Dank Memer Lololol (2017)

Intern from Micheal Scott at Dunder Mifflin: "The only thing I learned here was that half the people in this office have their password as password. A password password." ❋ Tokisaur (2009)

I wish my password was longer. ❋ ɹǝʍod Xɐɯ (2008)

Girl 1: Are you having trouble logging into your email, there? Girl 2: Yeah,(sighs) I have passworditis! It keeps saying I have the wrong username/password combination! Goddamn! ❋ Xxxara (2008)

Password Cracking Tips Most people make there password thier name or BF/GF/Husband/Wife's name (IE: johnny or ilovejohnny) A certin phrase they say, it could be in their siggy on Message Boards.(IE: "Daos the master of chaos" | password: masterofchaos) Just their Username as there password(IE: Username=Hero | Password=Hero) Some people (Rarely) make their Password "Password" Some people make their there e-mail address name(not the @hotmail @yahoo etc. part). Some people make their password "qwerty" or "asdf" :) ❋ Ivan The Terrible (2004)

Welcome to YourSocialSecurityNumberAndAll OtherInformationYouWouldn' PLEASE ENTER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD: Jimmy: "Ha, no one will ever discover my password." Jimmy's Username and Password: USERNAME: Jimmysshit001 PASSWORD: Jimmy I don't know about Jimmy, but good luck trying to find out my password. ❋ Dewit (2009)

The password is...dictionary. ❋ Dylan Cuffy (2005)

Person 1: Dude, Jim's password is "Password". Person 2: Nice, we can nuke his search history so when Mrs Taylor checks it, he gets suspended. Person 1: Ha Ha "Password". What a dumb password. ❋ I Have Stupid (2020)

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