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Patagonia (Spanish pronunciation: [pataˈɣonja]) is a sparsely populated region at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. The region comprises the southern section of the Andes mountains and the deserts, pampas and grasslands to the east. Patagonia is one of the few regions with coasts on three oceans, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Southern Ocean to the south. The Colorado and Barrancas rivers, which run from the Andes to the Atlantic, are commonly considered the northern limit of Argentine Patagonia. The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego is sometimes included as part of Patagonia. Most geographers and historians locate the northern limit of Chilean Patagonia at Huincul Fault, in Araucanía Region..

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    Yes | No | Report from joey wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago sadly, i didn't catch any of them, as we were on a tour of the region, but i've fished this particular river many times, and let me say that in early season (which it was at the time), these would have been easy to catch. well, one of them at least until the whole lot of them spooked. they were eating mayfly spinners that were collecting in the foam. this was 10 minutes of footage quickly edited down. they were doing this ALL DAY LONG. man, northern patagonia is great .... [Feeding Trout Gorge on Bug Buffet]

    Anyway, Nahuel is an aboriginal name of the Mapuche tribe (patagonia Argentina, far from Brazil), so there is already an error there.. [Twilight Lexicon » Lil Romeo Wants In On Breaking Dawn]

    Yes | No | Report from joey wrote 1 year 6 weeks ago dry fly fishing in a spring creek in northern patagonia last week .... [Carolina Christmas Brook Trout Stream]

    Carol Soprano in reply to a comment from patagonia. [Obama's Super-Delegates Keep On Coming]

    In Oregon, my daily wardrobe of fleece and sweaters and patagonia pants and comfy shoes is not only normal but trendy.. [Don't Wear This. Ever.]

    The woods of North Carolina, the icy mountains of patagonia and the sweltering heat of Belize are probably not the best things in the world for electronics.. [Randomness!]

    The Synchilla pullover, $40 on the Web site www., is useful on a cool New England evening.. [Lean and Green for Father's Day]

    Patagonia's Capilene 3 leggings for women, for use in cold weather, sell for $44 at patagonia. com. [Smells Like Team Spirit]

    Patagonia Micro Puff Vest, $125, patagonia. com; MIH Jeans oversize cotton shirt, $185, netaporter. com.. [the latest from]

    The scenery in patagonia is amazing so all the pics are mostly scenery .... and me!. [ TravelStream? ? Recent Entries at]

    Javiera Espinoza del consejo de la patagonia Chilena habla del nuevo documental Patagonia ¡Sin. [ - Articles related to Montreal Shell refinery deadline looms]

    No offense, but frat guys I know dress nicely (some I've never even seen in a t-shirt) in polos with khakis and patagonia jackets/vests .... [ what's new online!]

    (£80.49, Cycle Surgery) and a breathable Runshade T-shirt from Patagonia (£35, www. [Evening Standard - Home]

    So two months ago, I went to the local outdoor shop to look for a new one, and ended up buying two: one fully waterproof (patagonia), and a second ultra-lightweight paramo, designed to be wind / shower-resistant but not to cope with serious weather.. [niq's soapbox]

    Education santiago patagonia nazca andes volcanoes pinochet allende. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

    It´s also the second biggest city in Argentina, at 1.5 million people, give or take, and I have to say it still feels strange walking around a packed, teeming city after spending two months in the vast emptiness of patagonia.. [ Recent Updates]

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    @nachomdeo: Te dicen que a Chávez la indujeron un cáncer con un rayo maléfico, que la Patagonia está siendo invadida por el sionismo y q…


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