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Definitions of "patients"

  • Plural form of patient. noun

The word "patients" in example sentences

Director General Amano said that, "the IAEA is working to improve outcomes for cancer patients in the developing world and this concert is very meaningful in helping to lift patients´ spirits and make more people aware of IAEA´s PACT activities.". [IAEA Top News RSS Feed]

Findings from the Diabetes Impact Survey † indicate that healthcare practitioners (HCPs) thought they and their peers were more likely in recent years to prescribe additional therapies at an earlier stage in a patient's treatment regimen. 1 However, according to HCPs surveyed, less than 50\% of their patients are achieving their target HbA1c ‡ goal2 and a survey of patients§ indicated that 40\% reported complications associated with their disease. 3 HCPs surveyed estimated that significantly more of the national diabetes budget is being allocated to treatment of diabetic complications than to prevention. 4 These survey results were released today in conjunction with the upcoming World Diabetes Day on 14th November.. [Medlogs - Recent stories]

In the House of Representatives, they passed a bill which they called the patients 'bill of rights which did not guarantee a single, solitary thing I just described to you, and left 100 million Americans out of what little it did provide.. [Remarks By The President At Unity Dinner]

Serum therapy in the form in which it finds application in the treatment of diphtheria patients is an antitoxic or detoxicating curative method.. [Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture]

Amongst the patients is an unfortunate child of eight years old, who in the pronunciamiento had been accidentally struck by a bullet, which entered her left temple and came out below the right eye, leaving her alive.. [Life in Mexico, During a Residence of Two Years in That Country]

Eastern Health told CBC News that it had cleared its emergency rooms to prepare for what it described as patients who are critically ill and hypothermic.. [Top Stories - Google News]

We learned about the different disorders and addictions of the clients (that's what they call their patients), how to interact with them and what to expect from them.. [Ontario Blogs Feed]

The vacuum created by the lack of healthcare for GID patients is also the result of a wrong association being made between people diagnosed with GID and those who engage in sexual fetishes.. [Sugar and spice and all things neurobiological]

Recruiting patients is difficult; often, a majority of those who are eligible do not participate.. [The unacceptable face of medical research]

The role of exercise in heart-failure patients is still being studied.. [Treating Heart Patients With Thin Air]

The study found that patients treated with a pill that combined Plavix and Prilosec reduced risk of serious bleeding by 66% in patients not known to be at high risk of bleeding — the first time such a preventive benefit of the combination was shown in a randomized trial, Dr. Bhatt said.. [Worries About Using Plavix With Heartburn Pills May Be Overblown]

It all started with the 1960 publication of what was dubbed the Philadelphia chromosome, a funny-looking chromosome that two scientists – one from the University of Pennsylvania, one from Fox Chase – spotted only in patients with a specific kind of leukemia.. [New Hope For Cancer Therapy]

Our contact advised she was going to get 3 patients from the USNS Comfort.. [Amanda Lin Costa: Open Hearts, Open Homes]

With these connections missing, the split-brain patients differed from normal adults in reasoning the morality of an action simply on the basis of the outcome.. [Dr. Douglas Fields: Of Two Minds on Morality]

Just like children, split-brain patients condemned Grace even if she put the poison in Sally's coffee unwittingly, and they did not fault her if Grace's attempt to poison Sally was foiled by incorrect labels on the sugar jar.. [Dr. Douglas Fields: Of Two Minds on Morality]

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, argues that drug reps armed with doctors 'prescribing histories can sway them to prescribe drugs that may not be in patients' best interest.. [In patients' hunt for care, doctor database 'a place to start']

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It’s me and 40 patients I’m doing the bare bare minimum


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@Physns1stWatch: Two years after the weight loss intervention, 36% of patients had #diabetes remission. @TheLancetEndo

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