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Adjective, Verb; 1:The cool/nice way in which one presents himself/herself. Such as Swag. 2: The statement of something's cool being. 3: Pauning verb; to act as a pawn from chess, standing on random obstacles. 4: Paunplacement verb; to replace words in songs or everyday life. Urban Dictionary

Paun - That warm, fuzzy feeling of intense euphoria and accomplishment you get when you learn an awesome new song on the guitar. Not just ANY song, THE song. It's that song that you heard on the radio for the first time and decided to put off all your homework just to learn it. It took you over two hours to master, but when you finally did your brain unleashed endorphins into your system and will continue to do so whenever you play it. Urban Dictionary

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The word "paune" in example sentences

I live, & to honour that mind from which as from a spring al your friendships & goodnes hath flowed: And therefore to give you some paune and certaine assurance of a thankfull minde, and my professed devotion I have consecrated these my slender _endevours_ wholy to your _delight_, which shall stand for an image and monument of your worthines to posteritie. ❋ Arthur Acheson (1897)

This is an herb called betel, or _paune_, its leaf resembling that of our ivy. ❋ Robert Kerr (1784)

Sojha sajha gaule ko face ko roop rang chage garne ali ali khana paune lower class lai satayera kangal ma change garne ❋ Unknown (2009)

1: "Wow Man your looking very PAUN today." 2: "Dude that trick is so PAUN!" 3: " Bro, I was Pauning all up and down the park today!" 4: (singing)"We found PAUN in a [hopeless] place!" "[Dude what] the heck was that. You just replaced the word [love in] that song with PAUN!" "I know bro. It's called Paunplacement." ❋ The PAUNCHOS (2012)

"DUDE! I got MAJOR [paun] when I learned the ENTIRE [Stairway to Heaven] [solo] last night! It was INTENSE!" ❋ MajorMark & GeneralGeorge (2009)

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