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Definitions of "pearl"

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  • noun
  • A smooth, lustrous, variously colored mass, chiefly of calcium carbonate, formed around a grain of sand or other foreign matter inside the shell of certain bivalve mollusks and valued as a gem. noun
  • A bead resembling one of these masses. noun
  • Mother-of-pearl; nacre. noun
  • One that is highly regarded for its beauty or value. noun
  • A type size measuring approximately five points. noun
  • A yellowish white. noun
  • To decorate or cover with pearls or beads resembling pearls. intransitive verb
  • To make into the shape or color of pearls. intransitive verb
  • To dive or fish for pearls or pearl-bearing mollusks. intransitive verb
  • To form beads resembling pearls. intransitive verb
  • In ship-rigging, one of the bull's-eye rollers strung on the round iron band which spans the forward part of the gaff on fore-and-aft vessels, and which assist in the smooth hoisting of the spar, as well as confining it to the mast. noun
  • A nacreous concretion, or separate mass of nacre, of hard, smooth, lustrous texture, and a rounded, oval, pear-shaped, or irregular figure, secreted within the shells of various bivalve mollusks as a result of the irritation caused by the presence of some foreign body, as a grain of sand, within the mantle-lobes. noun
  • Anything very valuable; the choicest or best part; a jewel; the finest of its kind. noun
  • Something round and clear, as a drop of water or dew; any small granule or globule resembling a pearl; specifically, in pharmacy, a small pill or pellet containing or consisting of some medicinal substance. noun
  • A white speck or film growing on the eye; cataract. noun
  • Mother-of-pearl; nacre: as, a pearl button. noun
  • A size of printing-type, about 15 lines to the inch, intermediate between the larger size agate and the smaller size diamond: it is equal to 5 points, and is so distinguished in the new system of sizes. noun

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