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Definitions and meanings of "Pellican"

What do we mean by pellican?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word pellican. Define pellican, pellican synonyms, pellican pronunciation, pellican translation, English dictionary definition of pellican.

The male having sex pellican style with one leg in the air while the woman is in doggy Urban Dictionary

While having sex with a woman on the beach, cum on her chest and then stick you dick in the sand and re enter her vagina. Urban Dictionary

While engaging in anal sex on a beach the male sneakingly covers his penis in sand (helps if a little wet). Then without notice shoves the penis into his partners anus. Urban Dictionary

Your fucking a chick from behind while on the beach, you pull it out and drag it in the sand and then jam it back in! Urban Dictionary

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The word "pellican" in example sentences

last night i was [giving] [this girl] the pellican , she was [lovin] it. ❋ Dusting (2006)

After exploding on [Crystal's] chest, Tom dipped his shaft in the sand and [went in] for seconds. Afterwards, Tom exclaimed, "That was the hottest [Pellican] I have ever had!" ❋ West Plano Functional Alcloholics Society (2007)

[ahhh] the screaming pellican!!! ❋ Nick Like Woah (2007)

Dude, did you [fuck that] chick [on the beach] last night? Yea, I gave her a dirty [pellican]! ❋ Dick Durgler (2009)

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What does pellican mean?

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