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Definitions and meanings of "Peninsulae"

What do we mean by peninsulae?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word peninsulae. Define peninsulae, peninsulae synonyms, peninsulae pronunciation, peninsulae translation, English dictionary definition of peninsulae.

Short for peninsularaturies, long for penis. Urban Dictionary

A region of the San Francisco Bay Area, located south of, but not including the city of San Francisco, down to Palo Alto (in my opinion, many other locals will give a different ending point) Urban Dictionary

The type of receding hairline that retreats simultaneously on both sides of the scalp leaving a pronounced section of hair in the center. Urban Dictionary

A peninsula is a gay person that has some affiliation with the gay scene but it only represents up to 1/4th or less of his life. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Peninsula's are happy living on there peninsulas, reaching a balance between the scene and the ocean of girlfriends that surrounds and takes up 3/4ths of his life. Peninsula's are out of closet and on the map, but due to their limited contact, some people might not know that much about them. They are easier to get to know than "island(s)" (look up definition) because they are out and affiliated with the scene. Urban Dictionary

The body of excess skin that extends from the base of the nutsack and creates a ridge out into the butthole region. Urban Dictionary

Penis, external organ of a male Urban Dictionary

When a girl receives 3 dicks in 3 different places which usually consist of the mouth, the pussy, and the asshole but can also include the ear or the belly button Urban Dictionary

The most-ignored location on the map Urban Dictionary

The Delmarva Peninsula, just called DelMarVa to most, is an area of the mid-atlantic region consisting of the lower two-thirds of DELaware, the Eastern shore of MARyland, and um, that strip of land from VirginiA. surrounded by the chesapeake bay and the delaware bay on three sides. major 'cities' include dover, salisbury, and Ocean City. the beaches are less crowded than in VA Beach, but the area has fallen victim to urban sprawl and somewhat bad traffic during the summer and back to school sales with the no-tax shopping in Delaware, or whenever the races come to town, or whenever the National Punkin Chunkin' takes place (don't ask). it's kinda hard to notice unless you look at a map and see how part of Maryland and Delaware and Virginia stick out from the rest of the surrounding states. delmarva is a cool little region that the natives tend to appreciate. Urban Dictionary

When two dicks crush a pussy at the same time, thus each cock is surrounded by vag on three sides and tubesteak on the fourth side. Urban Dictionary

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The word "peninsulae" in example sentences

The main representatives are the mountain hare (Lepus tolai), Korean field mouse (Apodemus peninsulae), squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), and root vole (Microtus oeconomus). ❋ Unknown (2008)

She had gone with a furniture truck to move into her new holiday house in Kakovatos, near Zaharo on the west coast of the Peloponnese, the three peninsulae of southern Greece which along with the large island of Evia, west of Athens, were worst affected. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Comments on the taxonomic status of Apodemus peninsulae, with description of a new subspecies from North China. ❋ Emil K. Urban (N/A)

Its breadth varies from 55 to 240 miles, averaging about 100; but it is extremely irregular, owing to many deep bays and considerable peninsulae. ❋ Robert Kerr (1784)

Notable fauna are rodents such as mountain hare (Lepus tolai), Korean field mouse (Apodemus peninsulae), and squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) and birds such as Dalmation pelican (Pelicanus crispus), white spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia), and black stork (Ciconia nigra). ❋ Unknown (2008)

I have [a long] peninsula. ❋ EeyayaCoolGuy20 (2019)

I got a meeting over at [Oracle], I gotta take the [Caltrain] up to [the Peninsula] ❋ CA-82 (2018)

[That guy] should stop using so much [gel] in his [hair] as it really accentuates his peninsula. ❋ Roachpoach (2009)

Screw [finding me] an [island] gay. I can't be bothered to [sail] to an island, ill just get me a peninsula. ❋ Whatevah! (2009)

Wipe from [front to back], else you'll [smear] [shit on] your peninsula. ❋ Nathan Morgan (2006)

Man I really need some peninsula [in my life] its been [a long] time since I have [gotten] some. ❋ Redhot Gurl (2009)

Chris: Did you hear about Lauren last night? Ben: No, what happened? Chris: She got [Human Peninsula'd]. Ben: By who? Chris: Billy took [the mouth], Jacob took the ass, and Alex took [the pussy]. ❋ BQ13 (2014)

"hey, [michigan] is [shaped] like a [hand]!" ❋ Cardenio (2005)

some guy: oh god, this heavily muscled middle aged guy has been stalking me all the way from laurel! some other guy: chill dude, thats [the governor] mrs. ruth ann [minner] trying to give you a handshake. go to [Ocean City] and she'll run away. ❋ Devin Ze Dude (2005)

Bart: yo, we turned that [Beatrice's] gash into a real [pussy peninsula] last night! Jeffrey: [fuh sho], brah! We gots to do that shit again....alone Bart: werd ❋ SkillMarson (2017)

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