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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word penula. Define penula, penula synonyms, penula pronunciation, penula translation, English dictionary definition of penula.

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The word "penula" in example sentences

And, as he spoke, he put his weapon back into his girdle, where it was perfectly concealed by the folds of the penula. ❋ Henry William Herbert (1832)

This article of dress was, like the penula, although peculiar to the inferior classes, oftentimes worn by men of superior rank, when journeying abroad. ❋ Henry William Herbert (1832)

A tRomuIo coroha insupererat, sceptrumque in summo aquilam gerens, et penula alba, talaris, ab humeris, in anteriori parte, ad pedespannis purpureis virgata (nomen autem penulae toga, id est tegumentum, idque per antistichum a te* gere; sic enim latine to cmtstu dicitur), et calcea - ❋ Johannes Laurentius Lydus, Jean Dominique Fuss, Charles Benoît Hase (1812)

All the traffic that I have in this with the public is, that I borrow their utensils of writing, which are more easy and most at hand; and in recompense shall, peradventure, keep a pound of butter in the market from melting in the sun: -- [Montaigne semi-seriously speculates on the possibility of his MS. being used to wrap up butter.] "Ne toga cordyllis, ne penula desit olivis; ❋ Michel De Montaigne (1562)

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