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The word "penwiper" in example sentences

Two crocheted antimacassars, a pansy penwiper, and half a dozen rock cakes. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

She should have bought a penwiper at the jumble sale, I thought irrelevantly. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

Tossie, her chin propped on her hand, played idly with a large carnation penwiper. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

She pulled an orange dahlia penwiper out of her pocket. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

The diary was open, with the pen and the carnation penwiper covering the bottom two-thirds of the page. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

Baine brought a pen, ink, paper, and a penwiper shaped like a hedgehog, and then tea, scones, and buttered muffins on a silver tray. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

I lifted the penwiper. “— entry,” it read, the “y” trailing off into blankness. ❋ Willis, Connie (1997)

QUELCH don't care no more for 'Ome Rule than that' ere penwiper do, between you and me! ❋ Various (N/A)

It is not the feather bed or the warm biscuits that he thinks of, but that dainty little penwiper, with his initials worked in it, and those embroidered slippers, that _she_ gave him. ❋ Various (N/A)

Charlotte's existence except as a penwiper -- she went in to him one morning with a message and came out with an ink smudge on her red dress -- she _said_ it was his pen -- the dress is the same colour as the penwiper, so she may be right. ❋ Marguerite Bryant (N/A)

Father declared themselves delighted with Jane's painfully wrought book-mark and penwiper, and Alice was more than happy over the substantial coat and the family's gift to her in anticipation of her journey. ❋ Lily Munsell Ritchie (N/A)

It's too wide for a band, and that's all I can wear -- here's an apple, a penwiper and some candy. ❋ Ruth Alberta Brown (N/A)

Mr. Butefish jabbed his pen into the potato he used as a penwiper, instead of the ink, in his fury. ❋ Caroline Lockhart (1916)

I have before me, as I write, a specimen of the needlework of one of these Breton fishermen: a penwiper, neatly cut and sewn, and quaintly ornamented with a design in yellow thread – the sort of trifle that we should regard as an essentially feminine production. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Having regard to the circumstances, I can well understand that the man who took needle and scissors to produce my penwiper – and who had his fill of stormy and open air toil at other times – should prefer to set his hand to a restful occupation which would keep him in his home, rather than to the plough or the spade, which would take him out of it. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Everyone gathered around while the recipient undid the wrappings, and laid bare a penwiper adorned with a tiny crimson football. ❋ Ralph Henry Barbour (1907)

He never, never forgot the expression of a certain brass porcupine that was somehow a penwiper; it seemed to belong to a world gone mad, where everything was something else, where porcupines _were_ penwipers, and his wife -- ❋ May Sinclair (1904)

She had kilted her gown high and tucked up her sleeves, and looked to me, for all the world, like a doll on a penwiper. ❋ Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (1903)

"There's so much that's characteristic about a desk," he said, as he observed the penwiper, stamps, pin-tray, and especially the pencils. ❋ Carolyn Wells (1902)

City Editor Tasper had a pompadour like a penwiper, round eyes, and a wide smile. ❋ Holman Day (1900)

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