Definitions and meanings of "Perfect"

What do we mean by perfect?

(grammar) The perfect tense, or a form in that tense.

A perfect score; the achievement of finishing a stage or task with no mistakes.

The girl reading this  Urban Dictionary

Faultless, immaculate, without a blight; something which doesn't have a weakness.  Urban Dictionary

Christopher Bang  Urban Dictionary

A non-existant thing that people try to live up to or find in someone or something. perfect doesnt exist. No one can be perfect because everyone has faults of some sort. the only thing that will ever be perfect died on a cross two thousand years ago.  Urban Dictionary

1.Someone with few flaws; possessing many desirable qualities. Someone with many if not all of these traits: beautiful on the inside and out. attractive. athletic. generous. caring. kind. intelligent. funny. fun to be around. hardworking. friendly. No one is perfect, but some people are close. 2. Exactly what you're looking for and want.  Urban Dictionary

Something that has no flaws. A word that contradicts itself.  Urban Dictionary

A word you use to explain the person your in love with.Everything they do is just so perfect..even thier imperfections.  Urban Dictionary

A word that describes a thing that someone exactly desires.  Urban Dictionary

An unatainable and boring condition that kills people in its pursuit.  Urban Dictionary

Originally thought to be impossible (since perfect is boring and generic, not to mention contradictory), until you meet someone who turns his/her flaws into perfection. In other words, when someones faults become something you're attached to, and you love them enough to think they're perfect.  Urban Dictionary

The word "perfect" in example sentences

How to use perfect in a sentence? Example sentences with the perfect, a sentence example for perfect, and how to make perfect in sample sentence, how do I use the word perfect in a sentence? How do you spell perfect in a sentence?

Noah was a just man and perfect -- Job _perfect_ and upright.   ❋ Andrew Lee (N/A)

_Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect_.   ❋ Mary W. Tileston (N/A)

Where there is perfect harmony -- _perfect_, I say -- such a dislocation could not be.   ❋ Unknown (1916)

The perfect stem of the verb is formed in various ways, but may always be _found by dropping «-ī» from the first person singular of the perfect_, the third of the principal parts.   ❋ Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge (1900)

From the works of Boethius (_circa_ 400) and others, he had derived and accepted the Pythagorean division of the scale, making thirds and sixths dissonant intervals; and so his perfect chord (from which our later triad gets its name of _perfect_) was composed of a root, fifth or fourth, and octave.   ❋ Edward MacDowell (1884)

His obedience to His Father, and His Father's love to Him, is the perfect likeness of what goes on between a good son and a good father among men; only that it is _perfect_, because it is between a perfect Father and a perfect Son.   ❋ Charles Kingsley (1847)

I have heard teachers contend that a child will learn to write much faster by having an _inferior copy_, than by imitating one which is comparatively perfect; 'because,' say they, 'a pupil is liable to be discouraged if you give him a _perfect_ copy; but if it is only a little in advance of his own, he will take courage from the belief that he shall soon be able to equal it. '   ❋ William A. Alcott (1824)

Went to Lord H. 's -- party numerous -- _mi_lady in perfect good humour, and consequently _perfect_.   ❋ George Gordon Byron Byron (1806)

_Be you perfect, as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect_, is a plain   ❋ Richard Finch (1736)

_ideally_ perfect whole is certainly that whole of which the _parts also are perfect_ -- if we can depend on logic for anything, we can depend on it for that definition.   ❋ William James (1876)

"Went to Lord H. 's -- party numerous -- _mi_lady in perfect good humour, and consequently _perfect_.   ❋ Thomas Moore (1815)

The term "perfect storm" is overused now, but it is the perfect metaphor for the violent relationship between people and the environment today.   ❋ William S. Becker (2011)

With every scene we heard the word perfect more times than we heard the word amazing in the previous episodes.   ❋ Hemanshu Nigam (2011)

In the text, the term perfect, hath not a particular reference, but refers generally, to those who have been renewed by divine grace.   ❋ Andrew Lee (N/A)

But the club had given Sprowl one hundred thousand dollars to perfect its title; and Sprowl had reported the title perfect, all proceedings ended, and the payment of one hundred thousand dollars to Amasa Munn, as guardian of the child of O'Hara, in full payment for the O'Hara claims to the club property.   ❋ Unknown (1899)

The term perfect storm was used last year by the UK government's chief scientist, Professor John Beddington, to describe future shortages of energy, food and water.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

We use the term perfect to describe intervals of the unison, [[octave]], 4th and 5th values.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

We use the term perfect to describe intervals of the unison,   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"shes perfect" "who" "the girl reading this" ❋ Amazing_lil_ (2017)

Not even Urban Dictionary is perfect. ❋ Esa4 (2021)

Do you know what perfect means? Of course I do! I know Christopher Bang! ❋ Ily ♡︎ (2020)

Guy: I'm looking for the perfect girl-- ya know, big boobs, blonde, smart and funny, doesn't argue with me, skinny but not a stick, a little shorter than me-- ya know,totally HOT. Friend: And how do you think you're gonna find that? ❋ I_hate_wannabes (2006)

I love her, she's perfect. ❋ I (2005)

Gena is perfect and has no flaws, however, by being perfect this makes her boring, and being boring is a flaw so that is impossible. ❋ Nonbluemoo (2004)

Steve is perfect to me. Everything about him is just so amazing and awesome ❋ Jen (2004)

If your underwater and cant breathe, swim above the water level and inhale some oxygen. ahhhh perfect ❋ Wise Guy (2004)

Perfect compared to what? ❋ Jwill (2004)

"He's a little weird, but that is one of the reasons why he's perfect" ❋ XnobodyX (2009)

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