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Definitions of "period"

  • An interval of time characterized by the occurrence of a certain condition, event, or phenomenon: a period of economic prosperity. noun
  • An interval of time characterized by the prevalence of a specified culture, ideology, or technology: artifacts of the pre-Columbian period. noun
  • An interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental phase: Picasso's early career is divided into his blue period and rose period. noun
  • Geology A unit of time, longer than an epoch and shorter than an era. noun
  • Any of various arbitrary units of time, especially: noun
  • Any of the divisions of the academic day. noun
  • Sports & Games A division of the playing time of a game. noun
  • Physics & Astronomy The time interval between two successive occurrences of a recurrent event or phases of an event; a cycle: the period of a satellite's orbit. noun
  • An instance or occurrence of menstruation. noun
  • A point or portion of time at which something is ended; a completion or conclusion. noun
  • The full pause at the end of a spoken sentence. noun
  • A punctuation mark ( . ) indicating a full stop, placed at the end of declarative sentences and other statements thought to be complete, and after many abbreviations. noun
  • A sentence of several carefully balanced clauses in formal writing. noun
  • A metrical unit of quantitative verse consisting of two or more cola. noun
  • An analogous unit or division of classical Greek or Latin prose. noun
  • Music A group of two or more phrases within a composition, often made up of 8 or 16 measures and terminating with a cadence. noun
  • Mathematics The least interval in the range of the independent variable of a periodic function of a real variable in which all possible values of the dependent variable are assumed. noun
  • Mathematics A group of digits separated by commas in a written number. noun
  • Mathematics The number of digits that repeat in a repeating decimal. For example, 1/7 = 0.142857142857 . . . has a six-digit period. noun

The word "period" in example sentences

The RE is, at least as I understand it (and in 40 years of statistics and econometrics I never ran in to it until started reading climate papers), is 1 minus the ratio of the predicted minus actual values (both in the verification period) squared over the squared deviations of the actual values (in the verification period) less the mean of the __calibration period__.. [Wahl and Ammann Again #1 « Climate Audit]

It is going to make a difference which 5-year period is picked or whether the trend rate measured over a 5-year period of a 10-year period….. [Automation]

Here it is usual to enquire, whether it is necessary to attend to our numbers through the whole compass of a period, [Footnote: Our author here informs us, that what the Greeks called [Greek: periodos], a _period_, was distinguished among the Romans by the words _ambitus, circuitus, comprehensio, continuatio_, and _circumscriptio_.. [Cicero's Brutus or History of Famous Orators; also His Orator, or Accomplished Speaker.]

In the first period of childhood, the first year of life may be further distinguished as the _period of infancy_. [. [The Sexual Life of the Child]

"Our findings show that the term period should not be treated uniformly; infants born at early term are a higher-risk group than those born at full term.". [The Seattle Times]

Billed as "among the first of its kind offered on a fixed-index annuity," the strategy takes the closing price of gold on the last day of the term period and compares it with the price at the beginning of the term.. []

Thanks to, it's in fact possible to issue also an high risk or a smokers life insurance, with no need of exam: all you need to do is to compile the little form online specifying what you are searching for like the term period and the coverage amount and evaluate the offered solutions.. [Archive 2008-07-01]

Writing the word period at the end of a sentence uses the name of a punctuation mark to emphasize the work of a punctuation mark; in this case, writing period stresses finality or inescapa-bility.. [The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time]

Under the term period, no principal payments would be required until April 29, 2011.. [Marketwire - Breaking News Releases]

During the term period, no principal payments would be required until April 29, 2011.. [Marketwire - Breaking News Releases]

Go ahead and reduce the term period to ten, or twenty years.. [BeanRocket Blog Communities Lastest Posts]

Besides, sometimes users require repaying the balance before the term period is completed.. [MyLinkVault Newest Links]

Besides, users may require the repayment of the balance before the term period is completed.. [Best Syndication -]

The insurance policy expires at the end of the term period with no accumulated cash and no benefits payable.. [xml's]

Under the term period, no principal payments would be required until March 4, 2010.. [Marketwire - Breaking News Releases]

In 2003, Bank of England Governor Mervyn King dubbed the period from the early 1990s to the early 2000s the "nice" decade — standing for non-inflationary consistently expansionary; even then he warned the good times couldn't go on like that.. [Overheard]

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  • Character6
  • Hyphenation pe ri od


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