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Definitions of "peripherals"

  • Plural form of peripheral. noun

The word "peripherals" in example sentences

In the age where the world of wires and peripherals is helping us out in everything else, there is absolutely no reason why designers and individuals cannot take technologies help decorate homes to perfection.. [6 tips on how to become an interior decorator]

And it's smart enough to turn off plugged-in peripherals, such as a printer, that aren't being used.. [A bug zapper at CES wins an award]

Logitech, known for their specialization in peripherals, kept it simple, and gave away their Interactive 2.0 Speaker System.. [The 2007 Kid’s Choice Awards Celebrates 20 Fabulous Years With Distinctive Assets Talent Lounge]

The heart of the workstation was the main system unit; the other components were called peripherals.. [Managing New Product and Process Development]

Then, most new machines are short of "peripherals" - add-ons such as disc drives for storing programs, joysticks, printers, speech synthesizers, light pens and all the rest of the paraphernalia.. [The Guardian World News]

Tastes and consistency were dead-on, but some of the peripherals were a bit off.. [Codgerspace]

In the tech world this stuff is called peripherals -- use that word if you want to impress your local Best Buy salesman.. []

Aptly titled peripherals-based rock band simulator, Rock Band, is now accepting songs for inclusion …. []

With 2 HDMI inputs, connecting to all your peripherals is a snap.. [ - Today's Deals]

The OS will support only a limited number of Google-blessed devices and peripherals, which is Google's way of ensuring reliability and security.. [Ars Technica]

Spain remains one of the best performers amongst euro-zone 'peripherals' and demand from foreign accounts is very strong as investors are taking advantage of the good yield pick-up, said Newedge Strategy.. [European Stocks Nudge Higher]

EARLY PERIPHERALS When we come to the release of the first AppleII, two important "peripherals" were built-in: A keyboard, and the circuitry to allow easy connection of a TV monitor.. [The Apple II History, by Steven Weyhrich : Peripherals and the Apple II Abroad]

An argument could be made that something built-in is not a peripheral, but as things have changed over time there are some devices still called "peripherals" from force of habit, though they are now built-in (hard disks come to mind).. [The Apple II History, by Steven Weyhrich : Peripherals and the Apple II Abroad]

· Leverage local storage and local resources such as peripherals for high-performance and occasionally-connected applications.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

The company, which makes computer 'peripherals' such as keyboards and webcams, had already warned on sales in October.. [Latest financial, market & economic news and analysis |]

It will also support the Bluetooth Low Energy interface, enabling the creation of new devices such as peripherals and sensors, and new applications such as health monitoring, according to Gartner.. [PC Authority]

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