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    Also, as predicted before, it would have re enterd from above Saudi Arabia and and might have sunk in persian Gulf.. [Early Ammonia Servicer Reentry - NASA Watch]

    Fred ♪ ♫ ♪ says: blogbob, the Saudies were trying to call the persian gulf the Arabian sea.. [Think Progress » Rep. Trent Franks: African-Americans were better off under slavery.]

    # posted by silent_songster : 8:17 AM will, i think jim aka persian guy is taking a bit of a break due to some family-related issues that he had mentioned in some recent posts.. [DesignerBlog]

    I am iranian but usually when somebody asks me what nationality i am i say"persian" because iran now isnt that great of a country because of the people who rule & control it, just knowing how Powerful, Strong & Highly decent/Resectful persia was makes me proud to say that "I am Persian"!. [Filmstalker Review: 300]

    As "persian" illustrated above when we tell the enemy to "--return to your lizard infested deserts." we shall find our friends from all parts of the world who will take up the call to arms in defense of the Realm.. [Dispatches - Monday 6th 8pm - Britain under attack]

    Thank you "persian" very much for sending us that most interesting reply from the Persian Shah Yazdgerd III to the Moslem Calif Omar Ibn Khat'tab.. [Off with his head - The people cry]

    They are staying loyal to the look of the game (in which the characters didn't appear very "persian" anyway).. [ Today's Latest Headlines]

    In fact if you look at those places with a long history of "culture" such as persian, india, china, oppressions to women are part of their culture.. [Propeller Most Popular Stories]

    We have rescued even pure breeds such as persian cats, and even Alaskan Malamutes.. []

    "persian" shows us that at the times of this great Persian King, the Moslem leaders did not truely want to convert the Persians to believe in the One God, but really wanted to enslave his people and loot the wealth of the Persian Empire.. [Dispatches - Monday 6th 8pm - Britain under attack]

    I was following the election by persian blogs, thanks god i know persian so it was easy for me, the strange things i discovered is, Najad failed in economic area, and its reflecting the poor people which is the majority in Iran, but the poor majority didn't talk about economy as its one of their criterias, these were talking that Najad is clean, we need to vote for clean people. [Global Voices in English » Bahrain: Ahmadinejad, For And Against]

    Key lime is the best choice for limes, but persian limes (the more common variety of lime) will work just fine.. [Mojito Key Lime Pie | Baking Bites]

    I have been to Iwakuni Japan, Okanawa Japan, and the Philippines. and here in a few months im going on an Aircraft Carrier to the persian gulf.. [I noticed several users on F&S have served in different branches of the military.]

    January 24th, 2009 at 10: 28 am for a couple hundred million dollars, china builds a decoy harbor at gwadar, installs a handful of cranes and floats rumors of a LNG liquefaction plant, oil refinery and tanker port at gwadar. the chinese float rumors of pipelines through pakistan along the KKH highway from iran and the persian gulf. [Obama’s War « Blog]

    We will have had enough stocks of oil from ownself and friendly sources to butt off any idiotic blockage along persian sea.. [Iranian leader: Obama administration 'wicked,' 'untrustworthy']

    He said that most iranians believe that a lot of the basijis [plain clothes officers] on the bikes are hezbollah arabs brought in to do to the citizens what a persian cop would refuse to do.. [Iran Election Live-Blogging (Sunday June 14)]

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