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Hyphenation pe so
Pronunciations /ˈpɛsoʊ/

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What do we mean by peso?

A silver coin that was formerly used in Spain and Spanish America; a piece of eight. noun

The Spanish dollar. See dollar, 1. Also called duro. noun

A silver siege-piece struck for Girone in Spain, in 1808, during the Peninsular war. noun

A Spanish dollar; also, an Argentine, Chilian, Colombian, etc., coin, equal to from 75 cents to a dollar; also, a pound weight. noun

Former unit of currency in Spain a Spain's colonies worth 8 reales; Spanish dollar. noun

Former unit of currency in Argentina worth 1/100 austral. noun

A coin equal to a Spanish dollar. noun

Name of the currency of various countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Philippines. noun

A coin or note worth one peso. noun

The basic unit of money in the Philippines; equal to 100 centavos noun

The basic unit of money in Colombia; equal to 100 centavos noun

The basic unit of money in Uruguay; equal to 100 centesimos noun

The basic unit of money in Mexico; equal to 100 centavos noun

The basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau; equal to 100 centavos noun

The basic unit of money in Chile; equal to 100 centesimos noun

The basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic; equal to 100 centavos noun

The basic unit of money in Cuba; equal to 100 centavos noun

A former unit of currency in Spain and Spain's colonies, worth 8 reales; the Spanish dollar.

The currency of various countries, including but not limited to Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the Philippines.

Cute, adorable, little, baby, gucci boi Urban Dictionary

When a girl is between a dime and a nickel, around an 8 but fluctuates depending on your level of drunkenness. Comes from the fact that the exchange rate between pesos to USD is about 8. Urban Dictionary

When most of the world hears pesos, they think Mexico, however the peso is traded in several other countries in Latin-America, in fact, some hispanics use the word pesos for the dollar in the United States, another sign of their silent conquest. Urban Dictionary

A real ass nigga Urban Dictionary

A hispanic woman vagina. Urban Dictionary

Mexico's shitty currency thats roughly worth a tenth of the US dollar. Urban Dictionary

Someone with great wealth and who attracts numerous women with said wealth, derived from the word 'peso' (Mexican currency) and 'grande' (Spanish for big and/or great). Urban Dictionary

Slang for the Canadian dollar during the nineties when it was substantially devalued relative to the American dollar. The Mexican peso was also substantially reduced in value during this time, hence the connection. The phrase is less commonly heard in recent times, as the Canadian and American currencies have been nearly at par. Urban Dictionary

The 'Murican dollar Urban Dictionary

A dive bar located in Lakspur, CA. The greatest bar in Marin County or the country for that matter. Filled with alcoholics in the morning, blue collar stiffs in the afternoon, and young Marinites in the evenings. An old piano sitting in the corner hasn't been tuned since Janis Joplin last played it. A great hookup bar. Tip or GTFO! Urban Dictionary

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The word "peso" in example sentences

Majesty's name granted the merchants 'peso [_peso merchante_] on ❋ James Alexander Robertson (1906)

Which does not mean that the peso is going to increase in value in the near future. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Also according to the IMF research the peso is remarkably undervalued in comparison to the USD, they exstimate the exchange rate at PPP (purchase parity power) should be 7.6 instead of current 13.2, meaning living cost in Mexico is about 43% lower than in the USA. ❋ Unknown (2009)

So our poster above who wanted to know why Mexico didn't develop its own symbol for the peso is evidently a youngster who never encountered the two slash dollar sign. ❋ Unknown (2009)

that [baby] is a peso. ❋ Xio Bing Bong (2021)

There weren't any [dimes] at [the party] last night, but there were a few [pesos]. ❋ Joavom (2011)

White guy: How much for these [firecrackers] my good man. Sales Person: [itss] 20 [pesos], senor. ❋ Fuego Caliente (2010)

man that nigga [peso] is a [reall] [ass fucking] nigga ❋ Youknonow (2018)

- Hey Juan, I came in [Adriana's] [pesos]... I kind of regret it. - Don't say that Antonio, you'll be a juanderful father for your [childrens]. ❋ Dart (2008)

10 [Pesos]= [1 Dollar]. F:"Hey Trevor, I'm broke!" T:"Then get your ass to Mexico and be worth something [Fontaine]!!!" F:"Great, now how would you say my name,Fontaine, in Mexican?" ❋ Amad (2008)

Guy 1: You'd better [talk to] that chick [quick]. [Guy 2]: Why is that? Guy 1: That 'peso grande' is about to talk to her. Guy 2: Fuck, I wish I was 'peso grande' too. ❋ Moerator (2015)

How [much] is that in [Canadian] [Pesos]? ❋ Avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv (2006)

[Hey] [Jim], you got [anymore] freedom pesos? ❋ Chokingfetus (2017)

- "Hey, do you wanna go to the Silver Peso?" - "Sure. You know, [I'm pretty sure] I've [hooked up] with every girl in that [bar] at some point." - "Less talking; more drinking!" ❋ J420NorCal (2009)

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