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Definitions of "photographer"

  • One who takes photographs, typically as an occupation. noun
  • One who practices, or is skilled in, photography. noun
  • One who makes pictures by means of photography. noun
  • someone who takes photographs professionally noun

The word "photographer" in example sentences

His claim to have been an Army photographer is also beginning to sound bogus; his photographs, to put it mildly, really stink, and are an insult to military photographers everywhere.. [Heroes or Villains?]

In "The Girl with the Hungry Eyes" a photographer is approached by a beautiful mystery woman wishing to become a model.. [REVIEW: Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories edited by Charles N. Brown and Jonathan Strahan]

But the photographer is a wee bit psycho in her head.. [A trip to Richmond]

Frequently, the photographer is also the artistic director of this mini-movie, but sometimes the client employs an art director to handle the shoot.. [Archive 2006-08-01]

DOCUMENTARY IMAGES, "The Option of Last Resort" exhibit features works by a photographer from the former Czechoslovakia. 1 to 8 p.m. Sundays and Mondays.,. [Montgomery County community calendar, Nov. 4-11, 2010]

Very often the skill of a street photographer is the ability to apparently “click away” capturing shots randomly when that random clicking comes out of lots of practice.. [Eudora Welty: Photographs of New York | clusterflock]

If you have lived in Los Angeles and never heard the name of photographer Julius Shulman, you've been missing the most iconic images of our city of Angels.. [Edward Goldman: Young Men and a Lot of Chocolate]

I can easily picture Mr. Russo looking in the mirror and calculating whether or not to shave on a day a photographer is coming over and deciding, what the heck, the poster child might as well be me, for the benefit of him and his.. [Deep-Hearted]

I assume her questioner was referring to my photographer, who was shooting from all angles.. [Tough Job in the Naked City]

This might make it look like yesterday's photographer is "old news", but that's just because the blogging software makes it look that way.. [Conscientious: Weblogs Archives]

The photographer is to be congratulated on his innovation lansing wedding photographer. [The Photo Shoot Is Literally a Photographer Shooting Things » E-Mail]

I guess the photographer is shaking, thank goodness, the moose isn't annoyed!. [Field & Stream]

It is simply the greener and cleaner way of doing something that any photographer from the past would have given his eyeteeth to do as easily.. [PhotoHunt: Painted « Mudpuddle]

All I can work out from the next photographer is that they are in Taiwan, that they post on a blog which I found it hard to navigate about (and seemed to end in 2008), and that they are post on Flickr under the name Cypherone.. [Ruination! « Mudpuddle]

That the photographer from the neighbouring town has, up to the present, refused to photograph the prisoners.. [Work Camp 11033 GW]

We all went gawking at the usual things, the stars in the sidewalk and landmarks and what have you, and a photographer from the record company came along with the assistant road manager and a driver.. [ceciliatan: Putting Out Fire With Gasoline]

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Organic Traffics

@Estefaniariel_: Just wow. Photographer: Carlos Samonte


@MakoPeggy: A hermit crab with a laundry detergent cap as a shell. “Over the years, I continued to find more crabs with trash homes. I…


@NHM_WPY: We’re delighted to reveal the winner of the @LumixUK #WPYpeopleschoice Award is @davidllo with his heart-warming image, Bond o…


@NaijaClassCapt: When a kenyan journalist captured one in 2013, it wasn't newsworthy, even though it was on the internet for all to see,…


@rainie_mike93: #YoonA leaving #michaelkors show taken by fashion photographer! MY QUEEN !!!!! #YoonAxMichaelKors …

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Photographer Word Data

  • PronunciationsF AH0 T AA1 G R AH0 F ER0
  • Character12
  • Hyphenation pho tog ra pher


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