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I have enabled the php extension, php_openssl. dll in php. ini in C: \php and C: \windows. [vBulletin Community Forum]

Copy the php binaries to C: \php folder on Server Core.. [MSDN Blogs]

The structure of the site, written in php and using definitions, means all the text you see on an (unhacked!) osCommerce site is handily stored in reference files which contain only plain text for translation, thus minimising the risk of file corruption by an inexperienced web page translator.. [Web Translations » Blog Archive » eCommerce wars: Magento vs osCommerce]

The original SecureMedia. php is a class to prevent other websites from linking directly to your games by using an encrypted key and password combined with a PHP script that keeps your flash games secure, so that they can only be accessed via your website.. [Suttree; Secure Media; Prevent flash games from hotlinking.]

Markus, there must be sometimes when you just wish you had built in php instead of asp??. [Flash Image Resizing Preupload « The Paradigm Shift]

Yes, like I said I have learned from it, but mostly general ideas like planning and structure, and that for some reason I saw programming in php totally differently to programming in C++, something which a follow up post will be written on.. [Knowing When To Quit : KillerCodingNinjaBunny]

The correct code for the get post categories function in xmlrpc. php is notated below.. [Ecto and Wordpress 2.1: error on getting post categories — Meandering Passage]

The index. php is usually the default for everything, if you have no other post displaying template files.. [Using Javascript in WordPress « Lorelle on WordPress]

The single. php is the only template file that displays a post, if present, otherwise it defaults to the index. php.. [Using Javascript in WordPress « Lorelle on WordPress]

The archives. php is for displaying archive categories (by month categories) if you have it, otherwise it defaults to index. php.. [Using Javascript in WordPress « Lorelle on WordPress]

The tag. php is a template file you create based upon your index. php, search. php, or single. php, whichever you would like.. [The Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin « Lorelle on WordPress]

If you want to edit the template file, the sidebar. php is the template file to put them in, or add the template tag (s) for Links Manager to your sidebar.. [WordPress Tips and Tricks for Template Files « Lorelle on WordPress]

De overige posts zijn met behulp van dit script van Nucleus naar WordPress gehaald (wel even phps in php veranderen).. [Using the OPML Editor with Wordpress « Scripting News Annex]

I have all the elements in place however when I call my php to delete the items using jquery it says I dont have access to the file.. []

It must also be able to run a javascript event after a success upload so that it calls a php page passing details like upload time, filename, duration in case of a video, size ecc. [ - New Projects]

When script is first run it calls a php page hosted on the internet, passing unique information about the PC the script is running on.. [AutoHotkey Community]

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