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Appetizers such as jalepeno poppers, fried cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, etc.  Urban Dictionary

Pieces, bits, nibbles, crunchies, remains  Urban Dictionary

Fussy about food, or selective with guys(girls) people, and stuff.  Urban Dictionary

Overly selective(including over small details as well a obvious things)  Urban Dictionary

To show inflexibility  Urban Dictionary

A verbal warning that the speaker is about to be picky.  Urban Dictionary

Appetizer-like food that can be easily eaten with hands, or “picked at”.  Urban Dictionary

Needing a 1 million dollar salary to live comfortably in New York City.  Urban Dictionary

A "Picki Defile" is when your raid wipes due to a single person placing the defile on top of a ton of people (usually near the middle of the platform) when facing the Lich King 25 (Normal OR Heroic) encounter.  Urban Dictionary

A person that is adverse to a wide variety of foods; additionally picky eaters often display an unwillingness to try new foods, or any food that contains even a small amount of a food they do not like.  Urban Dictionary

The word "pickies" in example sentences

How to use pickies in a sentence? Example sentences with the pickies, a sentence example for pickies, and how to make pickies in sample sentence, how do I use the word pickies in a sentence? How do you spell pickies in a sentence?

Wud tayke sum plannin an care, tu keep teh pickies an all. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In fact I bought a box of pickies, a strap, a Marshall 10W parctice amp, two packs of .009 and .010 strings (I go through E's and B's like they're going out of fashion). $208, and R. paid for it. ❋ Catpewk (2003)

The best book I’ve read on global warming is by Dr Tim Flannery called “The Weather Makers” it’s easybalanced read and packed full of the latest facts and pickies enough to enrapture any buddingChicken Little. ❋ Unknown (2007)

There was a lot of food at [the super bowl] party. The pizza was good, but I really liked the pickies. Let's go to [Leo's]. [The happy] hour pickies are the best! ❋ Southern Guy (2007)

I love to eat the pickies from a [big bag] or [bowl] of [popcorn]! ❋ Carolina Blueyes! (2018)

[Please] [dont] be picky on the bufett She's so picky with [guys] !!! ❋ Said Derek (2005)

Don't be so picky [about it] [just go] with [the flow]. ❋ The Return Of Light Joker (2008)

[Sharon] is very picky when it comes to [food]. ❋ Gerard Irick (2010)

"Not to be [picky], but... do you really thing that [necklace] goes with that [blouse]?" ❋ Mum61e (2012)

Rob: So [Lou] said you had dinner plans later tonight? [Mary Jo]: Yeah, my work friends are taking me out for drinks and [pickies]” ❋ SoftSouffle (2020)

my friend told me they need a large amount of money to [live in] [New York City]. That's [sooooo] picky. ❋ Asdfawset (2018)

[Ah] wow [Guin], sick Picki Defile thanks, just [wipe it] guys... ❋ Iumruk (2021)

Sally won't eat [broccoli] because she hates green vegetables she is such a [picky eater]. Bill won't eat that it has [onions] in it he is such a picky eater. ❋ Youkai Touzoku (2009)

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