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Definitions of "piece"

  • A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion: a piece of string. noun
  • A portion or part that has been separated from a whole: a piece of cake. noun
  • An object that is one member of a group or class: a piece of furniture. noun
  • An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition: "They are lively and well-plotted pieces, both in prose” ( Tucker Brooke). noun
  • An instance; a specimen: a piece of sheer folly. noun
  • A declaration of one's opinions or findings: speak one's piece. noun
  • A coin: a ten-cent piece. noun
  • Games One of the counters or figures used in playing various board games. noun
  • Games Any one of the chess figures other than a pawn. noun
  • Slang A firearm, especially a rifle. noun
  • Informal A given distance: "There was farm country down the road on the right a piece” ( James Agee). noun
  • Vulgar Slang A sexually attractive person. noun
  • To mend by adding pieces or a piece to. verb-transitive
  • To join or unite the pieces of: He pieced together the vase. She pieced together an account of what had gone on during the stormy meeting. verb-transitive
  • a piece of (one's) mind Frank and severe criticism; censure. idiom
  • of a piece Belonging to the same class or kind. idiom
  • piece by piece In stages: took the clock apart piece by piece. idiom
  • piece of cake Informal Something very easy to do: "Relearning to fly was a piece of cake” ( Burton Bernstein). idiom
  • piece of the action Slang A share of an activity or of profits: "a piece of the action in a Florida land deal” ( Shana Alexander). idiom

The word "piece" in example sentences

The seven shorts included all have winter and holiday themes, naturally, including the title piece and "Bitzer's New Hat," "Snowed In" and the like.. [Michael Giltz: DVDs: New Christmas DVDs For Your Stocking]

The main piece is a large rectangular cardboard box, which fits nicely between the patio steps and the unused western gate.. [My green thumb, let me show you it!]

In the title piece of Steven Millhauser's collection of new and selected stories, "We Others" Knopf, 387 pages, $27.95 , the "we" refers to phantoms who infiltrate picket-fenced suburbia—becoming "the companions of lawn mowers in toolsheds, of gas grills beside tarp-covered woodpiles"—and who try in vain to join the lives of the people who live there.. [Of Bouquets, Suburbs and 'Urth']

Nora Ephron worries about a failing memory in the title piece of "I Remember Nothing," her inviting new collection of essays.. [The Beatles, The Stones, The Raiders: Book Review Roundup]

The sumthin 'Nariani worked up for "ILLhaam" was the surprise aerial choreography of the title piece, shown in the video above I shot it from my seat; a professionally-produced video will be available by the holidays on DVD, which brought a Cirque du Soleil-like element of graceful movement to the precision movements of the dancers grounded on the stage.. [Gil Asakawa: Mudra Dance Studio Show Takes Flight in "ILLhaam... Cycles... ILLumination"]

I reminded myself that I had missed my regular writing session yesterday, and then I remembered something Joan Didion wrote in the preface to Slouching Towards Bethlehem about writing the title piece:. [What You Need To Write While You’re Sick « Exile on Ninth Street]

In the title piece, a young woman is willingly seduced by a wealthy landowner while allowing herself to imagine that she might be accepted by society.. [Tales From a Punjab Mango Farm]

It explodes with the title piece "Ten Sigmas", about a man connected to all his other selfs in alternate worlds and trying to stop a crime, and never lets up.. [Book Review: Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods by Paul Melko]

It's interesting that Todd Haynes chose this obscure song as the title piece for his film, but it does represent in some ways Dylan's own mercurial, artfully dodging persona, which I take to be one of the film's primary concerns, as it supposedly casts seven different actors as Bob Dylan at different phases of his career.. [Dylan's Buried Treasure: "I'm Not There (1956)"]

Matt, my favorite LeGuin piece is actu­ally nonfiction.. [Miyazaki Does Earthsea « Snarkmarket]

Narayan could tell a memorable tale quickly, unlike the story teller in the title piece who took ten evenings each month to tell a long story to villagers outside a temple under a banyan tree.. [Under the Banyan Tree & Other Stories by R. K. Narayan]

It begins with the title piece, a song about jumping in and following your dreams that is at once pretty and anthemic "She hit that highway/With every ounce of faith she could summon/When courage finally comes/You never see it coming".. [What if No One's Watching?: August 2007 Archives]

The title piece is a short play about an aging newspaper reporter at a crisis point in his career.. [Lowell Limpett and Two Stories by Ward Just]

It starts and loops back round to the title piece, where a kitchen salesman ponders on the disappearance of the town's elephant.. [The Elephant Vanishes]

Chiang takes the supernatural and makes it natural, even if we're dealing with the purely science fictional world of the title piece, "Story Of Your Life", where alien language means the abilitity to perceive the future and the past as a seemless whole.. [The First Thursday Afternoon "Hangover" Review: Jed The Dead]

The title piece in Tom Wolfe's latest collection looks back jeeringly, from a not very distant tomorrow, on today's American costumes, affluence, and linguistic, intellectual, and sexual behavior.. [Caught in the Curve]

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