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What does the word piecemealed mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word piecemealed in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with piecemealed and anagrams of piecemealed.

Definitions of "piecemealed"

  • Divided into pieces. adjective
  • Divided into pieces. adjective
  • Divided into small pieces.

The word "piecemealed" in example sentences

Indy 4 felt rushed (likely to appease Ford's deadline to make the film) and it shows in the way it was piecemealed from the various drafts.. [Steven Spielberg to Finally Make the Jonathan Nolan-Scripted Interstellar? Perhaps | /Film]

The court contends the defense has "piecemealed" the motions, which dealt with the manner in which the state's mental health evaluations should occur.. [Times Leader News]

Its repairs are piecemealed, most often going to the lowest bidder who has the highest campaign contribution history.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The $9 Billion Dollar Toe]

I did not learn until later that when I was in the halls of hell proclaiming my innocence, a period of land reform had been ushered in to the world of mortals, and that the big estates had been piecemealed out to landless peasants; naturally, mine was no exception.. ['Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out']

Lt.Gen. Clyde A. Vaughn, chief of the Army National Guard, complained, "we have absolutely piecemealed our force to death.". [Does the Bush Administration Support the Troops? Yes, Like a Noose Supports a Hanging Man!]

By thy advice the heavy, unread, folio lump, which long had dozed on the dusty shelf, piecemealed into numbers, runs nimbly through the nation.. [The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling]

We have tackled it, and danced around with it and struggled with it and piecemealed it, literally for six decades now.. [Presidents Speech To The Business Council]

It can also compete with a piecemealed linebacking corps - even when the powers that be are bent on morphing into a 3-4 defense.. [NYT > Home Page]

It certainly helps that the Packers have piecemealed a running game together this season.. [SI.com]

In fact, our vision is to be the defining global company, in the pizza world, and you're not going to do that with brands that are piecemealed out.. []

Have years of haphazardly designed and piecemealed systems paralyzed your organization?. [gantthead.com]

Sinicki has piecemealed information, some video here, statistics and newspaper articles there, and come upon one overriding theme regarding Nassau County's four-rime defending Class B kingpins.. []

This resulted in a two thousand-foot sideways glissade o´er a thin cover of frozen granulation, wrapped in a bumpkinesque cocoon of piecemealed long johns.. [American Chronicle]

I see that having made statements in multiple unconnected posts has lead me to a road of being piecemealed.. [reddit.com: what's new online!]

"We've piecemealed our mice cages around the facility, but now we will have a brand-new area that will be able to handle that - and future expansions.". [greatfallstribune.com - Local News]

Maybe that compensation has to be delayed (held in escrow and piecemealed out) and conditional on longer term results, and retrievable if it turns out to have been a numbers-game.. [Maggie's Farm]

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@jacksonsaysso @NRO @jackrcrowe You're right. It's been piecemealed. The illegals simply bypass the barriers at t…


@steph93065 To be fair, although the whole Obama Iran Deal was BIGamateur, Obama sent *their* seized money back as…


@chart_babs Not only that, whatever it is they gave you, it was exponentially more before the gov robbed it and piecemealed it.

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