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Piedmont ( PEED-mont; Italian: Piemonte, pronounced [pjeˈmonte]; Piedmontese, Occitan and Arpitan: Piemont, Piedmontese pronunciation: [pjeˈmʊŋt]) is a region in northwest Italy, one of the 20 regions of the country. It borders the Liguria region to the south, the Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions to the east and the Aosta Valley region to the northwest; it also borders France to the west and Switzerland to the northeast. It has an area of 25,402 square kilometres (9,808 sq mi) and a population of 4 377 941 as of 30 November 2017. The capital of Piedmont is Turin..

What does the word piedmont mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word piedmont in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with piedmont and anagrams of piedmont.

Definitions of "piedmont"

  • An area of land formed or lying at the foot of a mountain or mountain range. noun
  • Of, relating to, or constituting such an area of land. adjective
  • Any region of foothills of a mountain range. noun
  • Formed or lying at the foot of a mountain range. adjective

The word "piedmont" in example sentences

The sharp relief of the mountains, with their grass-covered summits, precipitous slopes and flat open piedmont, is formed by a ridge of iron-quartzite emerging from softer metamorphic rocks.. [Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire]

The inspiration came from having carne crudo (and nebbiolo) that is so ubiquitous in piedmont.. [Sushi: an impossible food-wine pairing? | Dr Vino's wine blog]

At the base of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, shallow soils derived from sedimentary rocks support a particular community known as piedmont scrub.. [Tamaulipan matorral]

During the 18th and 19th centuries, in the middle Atlantic and particularly in the Southern states, there was a long-standing cleavage between the coastal and 'piedmont' regions on the one hand and the upcountry areas to the west on the other.. [Archive 2008-05-01]

Looks like the second ruts is kicking in around my home in the lower piedmont now.. [Weekly Rut Report]

What I mean is that North Carolina, as every schoolchild knows, has three distinct regions: coastal plain, piedmont, and mountains.. [Archive 2008-09-01]

Her novels cover a great deal of territory, from the mills of the piedmont to the Donner Party and the Nevada desert to children suffering with chronic illness -- she contains multitudes.. [An Amazon.com Books Blog featuring news, reviews, interviews and guest author blogs.]

Weathering also left a gigantic sheet of hard iron-quartzite jutting out of the eroded piedmont schists and granite gneiss.. [Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire]

This crusts over the whole glacis of the eastern and northern parts of the piedmont giving very poor soils, usually skeletal lithosols if present at all.. [Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire]

The piedmont savanna is patchy, varying according to its degree of laterization and pan-development; in places it is marshy overlying rock pavement.. [Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire]

A high central piedmont plateau dominates the west, while gradual shelves of glacial ice characterize much of the north and south coasts.. [Peter I Island]

Most of the 36 endemic birds of the Guyanan Highlands are totally restricted to the vicinity of the tepuis, mainly to the humid forest on the piedmont slopes above 600 m (Huber 1997).. [Canaima National Park, Venezuela]

The Plains of San Agustin are mostly a topographically closed basin, with some alluvial fans and piedmont slopes near the surrounding mountains of Ecoregion 23.. [Ecoregions of New Mexico (EPA)]

He was also indoctrinated into the American blues when he met piedmont blues legend Carolina Slim at a music festival and went on to play with him in the subways of New York City for several years.. [Modiba: The Sway Machinery Seeks to Connect Disparate Worlds at The Festival in the Desert]

There was the plantation elite of the Tidewater "who dominated the assembly and ran the government," and there were the small farmers "who penetrated the foothills, or piedmont, of the Appalachian ridges, and beyond them.". [Why We Need Black-White Unity to Save America-An Historical Perspective]

In November, 1775, Colonel Richardson led his Camden regiment of South Carolina militia into the backcountry, the wilderness piedmont of the Appalachian mountains.. [History of American Women]

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TurkishPiedmont English to Turkish Translate
s., coğr. dağ eteğindeki.s., coğr. dağ eteğindeki.

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