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What do we mean by pilotis?

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1.A person who is obsesed with guns 2.A person who craves attention 3.A member of newgrounds who nobody likes. 4.A really ugly person Urban Dictionary

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The word "pilotis" in example sentences

The building illustrates the close dialogue between Russian and European Modernists: Taking up Le Corbusier's principles, it was elevated on pilotis, had banded fenestration and a roof garden. ❋ Cammy Brothers (2011)

I saw a SNCF-TGV flying on pilotis across farm fields as I approached Grenoble along the freeway—pas de problem. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The holes are the negative space of the pilotis, meeting the ground, from beneath rather than from above. ❋ Unknown (2007)

That decade apparently also informed the Polshek Partnership's dreadful Standard Hotel of 2006 – 2008, an angular concrete-and-glass slab raised atop gigantic pilotis. ❋ Filler, Martin (2009)

The slab tower rests on poured-in-place-concrete pilotis, which hold it, heroically, 56 feet off the ground and 30 feet above the track bed of the High Line. ❋ Tyrnauer, Matt (2009)

Flat roofs, smooth plaster and pilotis (stilts) reveal the connection to the International Style. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The main part was connected to a caboose-like guest house by a bridge elevated on slender pilotis. ❋ Unknown (2001)

Rather than being constructed on the tree, the project wraps itself around the mature pine tree and is supported on three pilotis above an S-shaped bench that skirts around the columns, tree trunk and slide pole. ❋ Unknown (2010)

For the Chapel no pilotis, nor any form of podium whatsoever; the chapel has no crypt, and the floor follows the natural slope of the hilltop, as an act of devotion.

Sidestepping his more abstract and Steve Reid-inflected recent work, Hebden delivers some beautifully pulsing techno, pilotis under a delicately arranged harmonic terrain. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To me, the real gem is the 1955 Kaplan Pavilion: two interlocking masses, one with light brick walls set atop pilotis, the other a seven-story tower with beautifully detailed, continuous windows beneath thin aluminum sunshades. ❋ Unknown (2009)

On peut aussi trouver une scène de theatre Nô (style traditionnel de theatre japonais) pres du temple d'Itsukushima, construite sur pilotis (comme le temples d'ailleurs) pour que les visiteurs ne touchent pas le sol sacré de l'ile avec leur pied de pecheurs (Faux jeu de mot: pecheur parce qu'on peche bcp au japon et pecheur ... pour le peché ... oui apres cette note je vais me pendre) et il ya aussi de nombreux festival dont le magnifique Chinkasai, le festival du feu dont j'avais vu un reportage sur la cinquieme chaine et c'etait tres beau! ❋ Pinku-tk (2006)

It perfectly displayed Le Corbusier’s architectural laws: 1. raise the building from the ground on pilotis, to reclaim the lost space under the house; 2. build non-weight-bearing walls to free up the designer; 3. create an open and flexible interior floor plan, free of weight-bearing walls; 4. include long, sliding windows to bring the garden inside the house; and 5. create rooftop gardens to replace the green land swallowed up by the concrete block. ❋ Hels (2008)

[Pilot-Doofy] is obsesed [with guns] so much its unhealthy He pulled a Pilot-Doofy when he [danced] on the table I hate Pilot-Doofy He is so ugly he is Pilot-Doofy ❋ Justice (2004)

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