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What do we mean by pinna?

A leaflet or primary division of a pinnately compound leaf. noun

A feather, wing, fin, or similar appendage. noun

In anat. and zoöl.: noun

A feather. See penna. noun

A bird's wing. See pinion. noun

A fish's fin: the usual technical name. noun

Some wing-like or fin-like part or organ, as the flipper of a seal or cetacean. noun

The outer ear, which projects from the head; the auricle, or pavilion of the ear. See cut under ear. noun

The nostril, or wing of the nose. noun

One of the smaller branches of some polyps, as plumularians. noun

In entomology, a small oblique ridge forming one of the lines of a pinnate surface. See pinnate. noun

In botany, one of the primary divisions of a pinnate leaf: applied most commonly to ferns. noun

The alæ nasi; the nostrils. noun

A genus of bivalves, typical of the family Pinnidæ. noun

l. c A bivalve mollusk of the genus Pinna. noun

A leaflet of a pinnate leaf. See Illust. of Bipinnate leaf, under bipinnate. noun

One of the primary divisions of a decompound leaf. noun

One of the divisions of a pinnate part or organ. noun

The visible part of the ear that resides outside of the head, the auricle; outer ear excluding the ear canal.

A leaflet or primary segment of a pinnate compound leaf.

A feather, wing, fin, or other similar appendage.

Stemming from 'pindick' (pin sized dick) - this word defines someone with an unusually small penis. It is generally used as a derogatory term and has no known medical connotations. Urban Dictionary

Lightweight friendly insult, insinuates that the person is rather useless and lacking a few clues. Slightly hopeless person Urban Dictionary

A slur that can be used by anyone. People use the n-word, r-word, p-word etc to demote their peers, however this word is used as a informal greeting, and a sign of friendship. Urban Dictionary

Abbreviation of "going to pin" Urban Dictionary

A fart that is released out of your penis Urban Dictionary

A company owned by Sactourism3 (Ranzar's (Alejo43) friend). The company is known as Pinna-Gryphon Productions and it's based on flash and movie productions. Every year this company helps people they know with flash and imaging. Urban Dictionary

Someone who just can’t pin; also could be described as a mike or just a anti; refers to mainly sniping but could be used to described other horrific feats in accuracy Urban Dictionary

'Pinna Kanam', commonly pronounced as 'Penis Condom' is a phrase from the Malyalam Language from Kerala State of Southern India. Pinna = Later; Kanam = Sight-- So, Pinna Kanam could be translated as 'See You Later'. In modern times, it is commonly referred to as 'Penis Condom'. Urban Dictionary

"As If!" is a word that means As If, it is used widely used in Kerala, India. Old southern parts of Great Britain used to say it when something unbelievable was said. Urban Dictionary

When you have 30 seconds in a pregame lobby and you somehow have time to run to the bathroom and drop the worlds fastest shit. Then tell his friends that he even had time to wipe too, which we know just isn’t true. Then tell his friends he even washed his hands, which we also know isn’t true. Urban Dictionary

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The word "pinna" in example sentences

“And after all, didn’t somebody just make up the word pinna, too?” ❋ Andrew Clements (1996)

In the pinna also is found the so-called pinna-guard. ❋ Unknown (2002)

The external ear consists of an expanded portion known as the pinna or _auricle_, and of a passage, the auditory canal or _meatus_, leading inwards from it. ❋ Albert F. Blaisdell (N/A)

Normally, the outer ear, known as the pinna, collects sound waves and directs them into the ear canal, which carries the sound waves to the eardrum. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"The pinna is a variety of shell-fish not unlike the mussel; it fastens itself to the rocks and from between its shells gives out threads something like those of the spider or silkworm. ❋ Sara Ware Bassett (1920)

By contrast, the Atomic Floyd HiDefjaxes are shaped so they nestle snugly into your ears, and stay there: they've got a curve in the shape of the earpieces that wedges them in your pinna. ❋ Charles Arthur (2010)

The external ear is also called the auricula or pinna. ❋ James Gurney (2009)

With a graceful gesture she swept the tresses framing her right cheek behind a delicate ear, revealing that the pinna contained two openings to the auditory canal, one in the center, and a smaller one near the upper edge. ❋ Kirsten Beyer (2009)

In most dogs, the pinna—the outer, visible part of the ear—rotates to better open a channel from the sound source to the inner ear. ❋ ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ (2009)

She had a steel bar through the top of her ear, through her pinna, which was a useful Scrabble word. ❋ Jennifer Weiner (2009)

  When I looked, what most surprised me was how the fur inside her ear had been shaved; the pinna looked hollowed out and too thin. ❋ Unknown (2008)

On them, Nowak (1999) wrote ‘The pinna of the external ear is well developed, but is partly concealed in the pelage’ (p. 7). ❋ Darren Naish (2006)

Breeng mee 2 pinna colawdaws aye wantz wun fr eech paw! ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ai haz baloons n pinna tale to teh donkee NAWT Kafleen! ❋ Unknown (2008)

1) [You're a] [proper] pinna! 2) Hey pinna, how u [doin]? 3) You've got a right pinna! ❋ Mr Curt (2006)

What a [bunch] of [pinna's] Don't be such a pinna [mate]! ❋ Teddy Ruxpin (2003)

[What up] my [pinna] ❋ Welluseee (2021)

Person A: Hey that message is pretty important, you should [pin] that. Person B: Alright, [Ima] [pinna] that message later. ❋ Nomok (2018)

"[oh honey] that pinna gas is [gross]" ❋ Pinna Gas (2015)

Pinna-Gryphon [Prod]. Sact ❋ Sact And Alex (2004)

Teammate- Hey [shoot that] [guy standing] still over there Mike- sorry I missed him I’m a anti pinna I suck at [sniping] ❋ Kavsiwvdyejekwos (2021)

Penis condom Pinna Kanam, my nigga. [-or] perhaps- Penis condom Pinna Kanam, [next week] my [Pakistinian]. ❋ Nigga J. Singh [of Punjabi] (2006)

Oh pinnae! you did not learn [200] [pages] in [1 hour]. ❋ Picasso Kunjappan (2023)

He went and [took] a Pinna shit between [dropping] [nukes]. ❋ BigSalamiTommy (2023)

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