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A famous Malaysian desert which is made my deep frying bananas. Urban Dictionary

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The word "pisang" in example sentences

I was quite partial to the local tropical fruit and had nothing but that for breakfast every day -- mango, papaya, and those little bananas that in Malaysia are called pisang emas. ❋ Unknown (2006)

These two supposed exorcists clothe their nastiness under a veneer of religion and call themselves "The Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group" or P.I.S.A.N.G allow me to roll around the floor laughing here - pisang means banana! ❋ Glenda Larke (2009)

Nirvana features a superb rendition of roti pisang, though you can't always get it: Roti service is suspended during main feedings of its hearty rice meals at lunch and supper. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If the living room is not considered a rather public location, perhaps an adult might want to change their underwear there the next time friends come over for tea and cucur or pisang goreng. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

I am slightly allergic to the bananas grown in this hemisphere, but they can't hold a candle to the little pisang emas "golden bananas" I enjoyed while living in Malaysia. ❋ Unknown (2007)

A huge fire was built on the beach, and the small fish, stuffed into green bamboo joints, were thrown in the ashes; larger ones were sprinkled with _lombak_ dust (seasoning) and wrapped in pisang leaves. ❋ Florence Partello Stuart (N/A)

A photograph I have shows at least twenty-five varieties of fruit; the pisang being universally used, as well as the rambutan, durian, pomalo, and papaya. ❋ Ellen Mary Hayes Peck (N/A)

Cabbage palm and gray plum, pisang and scitamine they found in abundance, with wild pineapple, and occasionally small mammals, birds, eggs, reptiles, and insects. ❋ Unknown (1914)

During his incarnation, he taught them agriculture, gave them fire, the cane, and the pisang, and now in the form of a huge bird sweeps over the heavens, watching his children and watering their crops, admonishing them of his presence by the mighty sound of his voice, the rustling of his wings, and the flash of his eye. ❋ Daniel Garrison Brinton (1868)

While reflecting thus, a happy idea occurred to the young hunter; and he was seen all at once to step a pace or two back, and place himself behind the broad leaves of a wild _pisang_, where he was hidden from the eyes of the bear. ❋ Mayne Reid (1850)

When he had got the "dummy" rigged out to his satisfaction, he reached cautiously forward -- still keeping the fronds of the pisang between himself and the bear. ❋ Mayne Reid (1850)

Of the pisang, or plantain (Musa paradisiaca, L.) the natives reckon above twenty varieties, including the banana of the West Indies. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

From the pisang (musa) a kind of sewing-thread is procured by stripping filaments from the midribs of the leaves, as well as from the stem. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

For common work their thread is the pulas before mentioned, or else filaments of the pisang (musa). ❋ William Marsden (1795)

This preparation of the opium is called maddat, and is often adulterated in the process by mixing jaggri, or pine sugar, with it; as is the raw opium, by incorporating with it the fruit of the pisang or plantain. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

We left Sa-pisang and took a direction towards the hills, following nearly the course of the Batang-tara. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

Among these the pisang amas, or small yellow plantain, is esteemed the most delicate; and next to that the pisang raja, pisang dingen, and pisang kalle. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

[You want some] goreng pisang ❋ Nick (2003)

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