Character 7
Hyphenation pla card
Pronunciations /ˈplæk.ɑːd/

Definitions and meanings of "Placard"

What do we mean by placard?

A sign or notice for display in a public place. noun

A small card or plaque, such as a nameplate on a door. noun

To announce or advertise by means of placards. transitive verb

To post placards on or in. transitive verb

To display as a placard. transitive verb

A written or printed paper displaying some proclamation or announcement, and intended to be posted in a public place to attract public attention; a posting-bill; a poster. noun

An edict, manifesto, proclamation, or command issued by authority. noun

A public permit, or one given by authority; a license. noun

In medieval armor, same as placcate. noun

A plate or tag on which to place a mark of ownership. noun

Pargeting; parget-work. noun

The woodwork or cabinet-work composing the door of a closet, etc., with its framework. noun

A closet formed or built in a wall, so that only the door is visible from the exterior. noun

To post placards upon: as, to placard the walls of a town.

To make known or make public by means of placards: as, to placard the failure of a bank.

To post placards upon or within. transitive verb

To announce by placards. transitive verb

A public proclamation; a manifesto or edict issued by authority. noun

Permission given by authority; a license. noun

A written or printed paper, as an advertisement or a declaration, posted, or to be posted, in a public place; a poster. noun

A sheet of paper or cardboard with a written or printed announcement on one side for display in a public place.

A public proclamation; a manifesto or edict issued by authority.

Permission given by authority; a license.

An extra plate on the lower part of the breastplate or backplate of armour.

A kind of stomacher, often adorned with jewels, worn in the fifteenth century and later.

The woodwork and frame of the door of a closet etc.

Noun: a public sign, usually paper, or a town notice. also, signs carried or worn by demonstrators or picketers. verb: to publicize or advertise by usings placards, most commonly used when referring to protestors wearing placards. Urban Dictionary

Airline term which means "minimum equipment list. In simple terms This is a minor mx (maintenance) issue which will not keep the aircraft from flying it's prescribed route. Urban Dictionary

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The word "placard" in example sentences

I swallowed and read the title placard, strangely grateful that I was the only one standing here at the moment. ❋ Allison Pang (2011)

Lessor gets off the plane, and his driver Felipe Ortega is waiting for him, holding up a name placard. ❋ Max Allan Collins (2003)

And Pilate wrote a title placard and put it on the cross. ❋ TerryH (2010)

 Over five thousand dollars in $20 bills was found along the Columbia River in 1980 and a placard from the plane was also discovered. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Over five thousand dollars in $20 bills was found along the Columbia River in 1980 and a placard from the plane was also discovered. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There was initially a name placard for him next to his siblings, but it was removed at the last minute, so he just lurked outside the tent. ❋ Brian Costa (2010)

During the excavation, the remains of three crosses were found in a cave, along with the nails used to crucify Jesus and the placard from the cross of Jesus, declaring him "King of the Jews,". ❋ Unknown (2006)

A stagehand stole forward and removed a placard from the rostrum that read: ❋ Unknown (2006)

Note 39: Translation of a Chinese placard from the Great Mandarin Koxinga, 20 November 1655, VOC 1213: 556 – 557, quote at 557. back ❋ Unknown (2006)

My placard is a piece of cardboard rescued from the bin in my sister's house. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

The following placard is hung up in the Canadian merchants 'stores -- viz., ❋ Unknown (1863)

Since he didn't have a name placard on the dais he put his driver's license out, and when the cameras panned in for a close-up for the monitors in the room, he realized that his home address was revealed. ❋ Unknown (2010)

(n) "I read about the town meeting on the placard hanging on [the community] [bulletin board]." (v) [The square] was placarded by peace marchers. ❋ Melly Selly (2007)

We have a reading light out in seat 39a's [pcu](passenger [control unit]) we can put a [mel placard] on it and send it on its way ❋ 4realazitgits (2021)

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What does placard mean?

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