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Pleasantly calm or beautiful Urban Dictionary

A famous Yt YouTuber named Placid and goes y the catchphrase "Stay Placcy" as in the meaning stay awsome Urban Dictionary

1. Undisturbed by tumult or disorder; calm or quiet. 2. Satisfied; complacent 3. not easily irritated 4. without untoward incident or disruption Urban Dictionary

When a pirate finishes all over his crew Urban Dictionary

Hey are the best person. in the fucking. UNIVERSE. just,,,,,,, ngl i feel like i dont do enough to help them tbh--he is such a sweet, caring, he has a PERFECT sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh, his art is sososososOSOSOSO pretty like omg. their art style is so unique, like as soon as you see smn they draw you KNOW its by them and just :pleading_face: flaslfalkjfljkasljfljk also i used to have a gigantic crush on placid jkf;jlksajflk and ik a lot of people have crushes on him. and i too, really liked him :sunglasses: lol. anyways--you cant mention placid without mentioning their wholesomeness. like oh my god they always make me smile from their wholesome energy. and fakslj;ljk;fjkallkjfsldkj;KFLASFK oh my god they . have such amazing energy and theirs vibes are so good like. JUST GIVE ME YOUR WHOLESOMENESS PLACID OH MY GOD Urban Dictionary

Guys named Placid are cool, and even though they wont admit it, they're the best, every other guy can pack their bags cause Placid is the best. Urban Dictionary

A word that describes a feeling, state, or a person. It means extremely awesome, very chill, and ridiculously cool. Two people in this world are the most placid people on this earth. Urban Dictionary

When you start jerking off , and your Dick is limp. Urban Dictionary

A situation that causes a surreal state of peace due to extreme tension, trauma, or violence. Urban Dictionary

A small hicktown in central Florida in Highlands County, closest to larger hicktowns such as Avon Park and Sebring. It has a population of a little over 2,000, not including the massive amount of underpaid illegal Mexican migrant workers that come to pick oranges. Lake Placid prides itself in the fact that it has 30 named lakes. There's absolutely nothing to do here, unless you like old people, oranges, caladiums, lakes, or Beef O Brady's. Lake Placid has no WalMart, no movie theater, no mall (the closest GOOD one is two hours away), and nothing is open 24 hours. Lake Placid High school is known for it's shitty football team and 23% dropout rate, and nothing else. The party scene is pretty much the only thing kids have to do. Teen pregnancy is huge here, with at least 15 girls pregnant during the 2007-2008 school year. It was created to be a vacation town for the wealthy people of Lake Placid, NY, but eventually turned into a community of it's own. It was founded by the creator of the Dewey Decimal system. Lake Placid is also a city in New York, and a shitty movie about a giant alligator. Urban Dictionary

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The word "placidity" in example sentences

The other is elitism, a charge that clearly grates on him and unnerves his wife, who has a great deal that would be attractive in a first lady (intelligence, accomplishment, beauty) but lacks placidity, which is, actually, necessary. ❋ Unknown (2008)

[She has risen and stands rubbing her arm and recovering her placidity, which is considerable.] ❋ John Galsworthy (1900)

Vladimir Beregovoy wonders whether modern show and pet breeders who favor "placidity" would breed from what he calls "Houdinis " like my Kazakh female Ataika left, who routinely escapes from 8- foot fenced enclosures though no bigger than a whippet. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Arrived at this decision, she had telephoned to her own home as to the uncertainty in regard to her movements, and thereafter had awaited the issue of events with that simple placidity which is the boon sometimes granted by much experience of the world. ❋ Thompson Buchanan (1907)

Such things were spoken of quite openly, as though they were quite natural, with that placidity which is one of the great features of the town, the inhabitants of which are able to maintain it in the face of suffering and death. ❋ Romain Rolland (1905)

Gradually, however, the talking became more infrequent, the cheerfulness passed into a kind of placidity; and without any particular crisis or sign of the end, ❋ Unknown (1905)

The limbs grew stiff and rigid -- the features smoothed into that mysteriously wise placidity which is so often seen in the faces of the dead, -- the closed eyelids looked purple and livid as though bruised ... there was not a breath, not a tremor, to offer any outward suggestion of returning animation, -- and when, after some little time, Heliobas bent down and listened, there was no pulsation of the heart ... it had ceased to beat! ❋ Marie Corelli (1889)

By studying together in clubs, by conversing in monotone and by rule, by thinking the same things and exchanging ideas until we have none left, we shall come into that social placidity which is one dream of the nationalists -- one long step towards what may be called a prairie mental condition -- the slope of Kansas, where those who are five thousand feet above the sea-level seem to be no higher than those who dwell in the ❋ Charles Dudley Warner (1864)

I may not congratulate you I find on the score of health. but I may, and allways will, on a subject quite reviving and encouraging your long and uniform placidity of mind, and boyant spirit that lifts you above this world and bears you to Heaven. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The placidity of mainline Christianity, with its quiet and sentimental Sunday mornings, promises no more than anodyne moral instruction and God as social construct. ❋ W. Scott Poole (2011)

Her lack of nervousness, her placidity, was abnormal, so abnormal that she closed her eyes and was almost immediately asleep. ❋ Unknown (2010)

With the first full puff of the smoke he gave over his moans and yelps, the agitation began to fade out of him, and Daughtry, appreciatively waiting, saw the trembling go out of his hands, the pendulous lip-quivering cease, the saliva stop flowing from the corners of his mouth, and placidity come into the fiery remnants of his eyes. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Can't you see the man, content with a good digestion, unailing body, and mild pleasures, and enjoying life with bovine placidity? ❋ Unknown (2010)

its very [beautiful] here; the [ambiance] and placidity is [breath taking] ❋ TWICESLAYSYOU (2018)

Have you seen [Placid's] new [video], it's an [absolute banger] ❋ Ya Boi Nyx (2021)

1 - "a placid [existence]" 2 - "not everyone [shared] his placid [temperament]" ❋ Yoimfromtokyo (2004)

[captain jack sparrow] placidnessed [fifteen] times in the course of his [life time]. ❋ Yarko Perry's House Of Pain (2010)

Liam: hi this is my paragraph for the best person in the universe and then everybdoy else be like: [ia] [gre]. placid [iks] teh best ❋ Liammanboyboyman (2020)

Person 1: yo did you [hear] about Placid Me: yeah [hes] [the best] ❋ Wills_ (2020)

"[Ayyyyyy] bruh I just smoked some weed." "Yee bruh I'm feelin hella [placid]." "We're so placid were gonna make everyone drown in [placidness]." "I know we just radiate placidness when were together." ❋ Hellllllaplacid (2013)

(( [clicks] [ad])) ohhh! This ad says for the most raw porno ever! ((Virus detection software pops up)) aw this left me completely [placid]! ❋ Formingsinger16 (2016)

When John got [arrested] for [smuggling] drugs he went into deep shock, such [disbelief], damn, placid vexation! ❋ Freedom Boy (2009)

[Sebring] kids: "There's a huge party going on in Lake Placid tonight. I hate those fucking redneck [hicks], but let's go get us some free [booze]!" "The movie Lake Placid sucked." ❋ BREEbby (: (2008)

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