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What does the word plant-form mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word plant-form in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with plant-form and anagrams of plant-form.

Definitions of "plant-form"

  • In decorative design, a motive or type taken from a plant; a phyllomorph.

The word "plant-form" in example sentences

The seeds of some alien plant-form reach Earth, germinate in a few hours and quickly blanket the planet, or worse, hybridize with humans.. [Why We Must Learn to Love Weeds]

New and ongoing research provides exciting insights into the importance of a well-functioning skeletal system, the broader range of nutrients than calcium needed to form healthy bones, and the probable advantages of plant-form sources of minerals rich in calcium, magnesium, and a wide range of other naturally occurring cofactors.. [Forever Young]

One step higher in the scale stands the plant-form called _Volvox_, near the border-line between the one-celled and the many-celled organisms.. [The Doctrine of Evolution Its Basis and Its Scope]

It is interesting to note the extreme caution with which the great naturalist speculates upon the mode by which the varied members of the sun-dew order became modified from an ordinary plant-form to such a remarkable degree.. [Life of Charles Darwin]

The term "dealing" in this case applies to those who manufacture, produce, ship, transport or import into Kansas, or possess more than 28 grams of marijuana (processed or in plant-form), one gram of a controlled substance, or 10 or more dosage units of a controlled substance.. [The Newton Kansan Home RSS]

Where lies the chief interest, -- in the plant-form or in the bloom?] [Illustration: 29.. [Manual of Gardening (Second Edition)]

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Plant Form & Function Video 1
Plant Form & Function Video 1
Plant Structure
Plant Structure
Vascular Plants = Winning! - Crash Course Biology #37
Vascular Plants = Winning! - Crash Course Biology #37

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