Definitions and meanings of "Play"

What do we mean by play?

To occupy oneself in an activity for amusement or recreation. intransitive verb

To take part in a sport or game. intransitive verb

To participate in betting; gamble. intransitive verb

To behave in a teasing or joking manner; act in jest or sport. intransitive verb

To deal or behave carelessly or indifferently, especially for one's own amusement; toy. intransitive verb

To act or conduct oneself in a specified way. intransitive verb

To act, especially in a dramatic production. intransitive verb

To perform on an instrument. intransitive verb

To emit sound or be sounded in performance. intransitive verb

To be performed, as in a theater or on television. intransitive verb

To be received or accepted. intransitive verb

To move or seem to move quickly, lightly, or irregularly. intransitive verb

To function or discharge uninterruptedly. intransitive verb

To move or operate freely within a bounded space, as machine parts do. intransitive verb

To engage in (a game or sport). intransitive verb

To compete against in a game or sport. intransitive verb

Activity for amusement only, especially among the young.

Similar activity in young animals, as they explore their environment and learn new skills.

The conduct, or course, of a game.

An individual's performance in a sport or game.

A short sequence of action within a game.

(turn-based games) An action carried out when it is one's turn to play.

A literary composition, intended to be represented by actors impersonating the characters and speaking the dialogue.

A theatrical performance featuring actors.

A major move by a business or investor.

A geological formation that contains an accumulation or prospect of hydrocarbons or other resources.

The extent to which a part of a mechanism can move freely.

Sexual activity or sexual role-playing.

An instance of watching or listening to digital media.

A button that, when pressed, causes media to be played.

(now usually in compounds) Activity relating to martial combat or fighting.

A drug deal, almost specifically reserved for hardcore drugs.r  Urban Dictionary

Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse.  Urban Dictionary

Transitive verb 1. to deject or verbally bash someone 2. to make fun of a person publicly or in front of a group of people 3. to trick or con 4. to cause people to think you're one thing but really another 5. to give the false impression that you're interested in something or someone 6. to insult another person's intelligence  Urban Dictionary

Noun | some form of physical sexual action. generally found used in combo with the word 'get'.  Urban Dictionary

To kid, or joke.  Urban Dictionary

Sex , to have fun, to be used  Urban Dictionary

1) To cheat on, to get used. -(NOUN) someone who cheats. 2) to get hella game from the opposite or same sex.  Urban Dictionary

Another name for a drama production  Urban Dictionary

To get together, hang out  Urban Dictionary

Interaction between two or more human beings with the desire to not act their own age  Urban Dictionary

The word "play" in example sentences

How to use play in a sentence? Example sentences with the play, a sentence example for play, and how to make play in sample sentence, how do I use the word play in a sentence? How do you spell play in a sentence?

A retreat from complexity isn't a sign of stupidity, sheeple-hood or lack of an e-peen: honestly, it's perhaps the core pleasure of play, a notion lost to some professionals and scholars who have managed to leach the *play* out of what they do. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We're getting together tonight to chat about what's next, and to play: with both last night and last week being less than productive musically, we want to *play*. ❋ Badger (2002)

It is by no means my intention to suggest that great writing is not desirable in the drama; but the point must be emphasised that it is not a necessary element in the immediate merit of a play _as a play_. ❋ Clayton Hamilton (N/A)

_ An 'when I wants ter play on' er _I'll play_, an 'when you wants' er, why, you teck ❋ Ruth McEnery Stuart (1886)

He made every profession of love and regard to me; and I verily believed him sincere; because I knew he had been obliged by a part of my family; but when I found a coach, a country-house, a good table, a wife, and servants, were all supported by the _chance_ of a gaming-table, I withdrew myself from all connections with him; for, I fear, he who lives to play, may _play_ to _live_. ❋ Philip Thicknesse (1755)

BASSMOD_MusicPlay () play: = errorlevel if debug = 1 traytip,, debug: \% init\% | \% load\% | \% play\% sleep 5000; testing purposes ❋ Unknown (2008)

*lites go down, flashy lites play on teh catwalk and tekno music begins to play* ❋ Unknown (2008)

All decent human work partakes (let us thank the great reasonablenesses of real things!) of the quality of play: if it did not it would be bad or ever on the verge of badness; and if ever human activity attains to fullest fruitfulness, it will be (every experience of our own best work shows it) when the distinction of _work_ and of _play_ will cease to have a meaning, play remaining only as the preparatory work of the child, as the strength-repairing, balance-adjusting work of the adult. ❋ Vernon Lee (1895)

fwah! can only say duns play play~! later anyhow touch den chi-cha-booms~! ❋ Babyanjel (2009)

If it could play the piano, I am sure it would really _play_. " ❋ Marcel Proust (1896)

The term "play ball" is a metaphor for all sorts of transactions outside of sports. ❋ Christine Negroni (2011)

Being in "play" is the sign they are using one of their tools to prey on large numbers of people. ❋ Newmania (2007)

* Sobering statistic of the day: By CNN's estimate, the number of Dem-held House seats in play is more than ten times higher than the number of GOP-held ones in play. ❋ Greg Sargent (2010)

Since the power in play is not muscle power, the strongest people are not necessarily the winners. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The look and feel in play is similar, although lethality of True20 is higher in my view. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The other issue in play is general managers 'knowledge that with the American economy in turmoil, the NHL salary cap could be going down dramatically in 2010-11. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To drive the point home, Deborah Meier wryly suggested that we stop using the word play altogether and declare that children need time for "self-initiated cognitive activity." ❋ Alfie Kohn (2011)

A: Yo, where have you been? It's like [midnight] and that bitch is still waiting [in the kitchen] B: I had to make [a couple] plays. I'll hit her up tomorrow. ❋ Binghamton's Second Finest (2011)

As in, "[Do you] [want to] play?" ❋ Rose (2004)

1. She said my hairline is [lopsided] like a [crooked smile]. She was playing me. 2. The girl I just met played me with a fake phone number. 3. I know [you're lying]. Don't try to play me. ❋ Kindle Rashod (2014)

"I ain't [gettin] [no play] [these days]! Ain't as smooth as I used to be, I guess." ❋ DopeLabber (2001)

[Hey], I'm [just] [playing]. ❋ Vicky (2004)

yo i got me some play last nite [letz] go play [out side] yo shorty tried to [play me] ❋ Tigga Bkzmostwanted (2005)

Example 1: Tracy: Um, My friend told me you were at the mall with some other skeez. Rob: WTF? You trying to say i as PLAYing on you?? Tracy: You fucking PLAYER!...I'm gonna bust a cap up in yo ass!.. bitch! Example 2: Tracy: Yo!.. you go out with the boys last night? Rob: [Fo sho's].. I had much [PLAY up] in the club...Cuz I was mad bling up in my [new Threads]. Tracy: Shiiet!.. only PLAY you got was from yo mom!..NIGGA! ❋ Shady Ass Rob (2003)

[into the woods] is an [awsome] play ❋ Corie (2004)

[We should] play [later on] ❋ Anonymous (2003)

I'm [sitting] [at home] [doing nothing]. Care to play? ❋ King Lurk (2010)

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