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Definitions of "pleasures"

  • Plural form of pleasure. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pleasure. verb

The word "pleasures" in example sentences

I sincerely wish you may derive, not only amusement, but instruction, from the transcript; and that it may convince you, no pleasures are so pure as _domestic pleasures_; no society so delightful, as that experienced in the affectionate intercourse of parents and children, by a _happy fire-side_.. [Domestic Pleasures, or, the Happy Fire-side]

Of pleasures or delights some arise from the sense of an object present; and those may be called ‘pleasures of sense, ’ the word ‘sensual, ’ as it is used by those only that condemn them, having no place till there be laws.. [Chapter VI. Of the Interior Beginnings of Voluntary Motions, Commonly Called the Passions; and the Speeches by Which They Are Expressed]

One of my pleasures is the writings of Wil Wheaton.. [In Exile]

Why that particular range of mountains attracted him was something he could not explain, except that they sounded appetizing, and he enjoyed what he called the pleasures of the table.. [The Cat Who Moved A Mountain]

Admire our strategy when we feign indifference to what you call the pleasures of love, pretending even to be far removed from its sweetness, we augment the grandeur of the sacrifice we make for you, by it, we even inspire the gratitude of the authors of the very benefits we receive from them, you are satisfied with the good you do us.. [Ninon de L'Enclos the Celebrated Beauty of the 17th Century]

We heard reports of them from day to day, for the guards took pleasure in detailing them with many coarse and foul jests, that we might know what was in store for us, and lose none of what they called the pleasures of anticipation.. [Micah Clarke His Statement as made to his three grandchildren Joseph, Gervas and Reuben During the Hard Winter of 1734]

There, stretched at full length in the boat's bottom, with my eyes turned up to the sky, I let myself float slowly hither and thither as the water listed, sometimes for hours together, plunged in a thousand confused delicious musings, which, though they had no fixed nor constant object, were not the less on that account a hundred times dearer to me than all that I had found sweetest in what they call the pleasures of life.. [Rousseau (Volume 1 and 2)]

Among my many pleasures is the time I spend viewing EWTN, the Catholic TV station.. [Heroes or Villains?]

I also play the fiddle, and one of my greatest pleasures is jamming with other Celtic musicians - the rowdier the gathering, the better.. [Essay by Tess Gerritsen, author of The Apprentice and The Surgeon]

The app then produces a basic ordered list of those groups, where you manually change the rankings for specific individuals (useful if, like me, one of the main pleasures of an election is placing people you despise as low as possible).. [Cluey Voter Helps You Sort Candidates On Election Ballots | Lifehacker Australia]

But we all know that older men with screwed up attitudes about sex offering unsolicited advice to young women not to have certain pleasures said men are denied always find their advice is welcome.. [Matthew Yglesias » Jessica Valenti on Anti-Feminists and So-Called “Hook-up Culture”]

Decry, like good folks, the vain pleasures of youth.. [Letter 20]

For a lover of books one of the great pleasures is the ability to sit down, in whatever forum that may be, to discuss the books we love, the books that have had an influence in what we chose to continue reading, in how our reading lives were shaped, etc.. [MIND MELD: Books That Hold Special Places in Our Hearts and On Our Shelves]

One of my little pleasures is creeping out people who only watched the TV series and think they know what "It" is about.. [The ULTIMATE (and somewhat bloated) Best Of 2008 List [part 7] - THE RoSF LIST]

One of my guilty pleasures is Pros vs. Joes, in which “ordinary Joes” compete against retired professional athletes.. [Pros vs. Joes Finale « Isegoria]

An object-lesson in the production and management of quotidian surplus-value, the discourse of gastronomy, like its pleasures, is constituted by a tendency to excess which, at the same time, it seeks to regulate as an exercise in good taste.. [Economies of Excess in Brillat-Savarin, Balzac, and Baudelaire]

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@HopeIsraellah: There's is nothing as powerful as being #BiblicallyBrainwashed -You look at things totally different. -Your priorities…


@MasculineDesign: Sin gives the promise of pleasure, delivers it briefly, and then brings lasting despair. Self discipline promises las…


It’s the little things, the tiny pleasures of existence that make the whole big picture hey😍😍😍


@HopeIsraellah: There's is nothing as powerful as being #BiblicallyBrainwashed -You look at things totally different. -Your priorities…


@HopeIsraellah: There's is nothing as powerful as being #BiblicallyBrainwashed -You look at things totally different. -Your priorities…

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