Definitions and meanings of "Plenty"

What do we mean by plenty?

A full or completely adequate amount or supply. noun

A large quantity or amount; an abundance. noun

A condition of general abundance or prosperity. noun

Plentiful; abundant. adjective

Sufficiently; very. adverb

Fullness; abundance; copiousness; a full or adequate supply; sufficiency. noun

Abundance of things necessary for man; the state in which enough is had and enjoyed. noun

A time of abundance; an era of plenty. noun

Being in abundance; plentiful: an elliptical use of the noun, now chiefly colloquial.

Full or adequate supply; enough and to spare; sufficiency; specifically, abundant productiveness of the earth; ample supply for human wants; abundance; copiousness. noun

Plentiful; abundant. adjective

A more than adequate amount. noun

A sufficient quantity. More than enough. pronoun

Sufficiently or very. adverb

plentiful. adjective

A full supply noun

As much as necessary adverb

(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent noun

A more-than-adequate amount.

Adj: Used in Edinbourgeois slang, often as a comeback. When something (especially someone or something being said) has gone too far, is over-the-top, or silly; but still in a jokey way. When said about something that's been said it is usually followed by "from you".  Urban Dictionary

Many a lot of things and stuff.  Urban Dictionary

Plenty: More than you might think, and less than you would presume.  Urban Dictionary

So freaking good it’s enough.  Urban Dictionary

Many or a lot of things  Urban Dictionary

Plentiful, in abundance  Urban Dictionary

Being so right about something that you are a hundred percent confident in yourself many times over. Can be used in place of hundy p.  Urban Dictionary

Plenty of Flakes is the alternate definition to POF which often refers to the dating website Plenty of Fish. Whether they've met in real life yet or not POF(Plenty of Flakes) users have SO many options they commonly disregard set plans with one person if: 1. a better fish comes along, 2. they simply can't keep track of all their dating activity, 3. they're plain chicken to meet the other person in the real, 4. worldthey're selfish pricks with no common decency or mutual respect and chose to do something else,  Urban Dictionary

When someone is too much to handle.  Urban Dictionary

When you go for a poo, but you only need to wipe once. named after the advert by 'plenty' kitchen towel, as the catchphrase is: 'One sheet does plenty'.  Urban Dictionary

The word "plenty" in example sentences

How to use plenty in a sentence? Example sentences with the plenty, a sentence example for plenty, and how to make plenty in sample sentence, how do I use the word plenty in a sentence? How do you spell plenty in a sentence?

"But," he adds, "no man who can have a piece of land of his own sufficient by his labour to subsist his family in plenty is poor enough to be a manufacturer and work for his master while there is land enough in America for our people there can never be manufacturers to any amount or value."   ❋ Unknown (1923)

My husband was discussing the advantages when we were on board the steamer coming from Suez, and they are, first, that, with Abyssinia friendly, the left flank of an advancing army would be absolutely safe as far as Kassala, while water in plenty is to be found along the whole road.   ❋ Unknown (1885)

Fanny wondered what she called plenty of room, but had yet to learn the signification of the term when applied to the dressing-room of a western party.   ❋ Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing (1892)

Alas! it is not the body and the mass of those things which we call plenty, that can speak comfort, when the wrath of God shall blast and dispirit them with a curse.   ❋ 1634-1716 (1823)

The cause of this plenty is the showers that come down in their season, that descend upon the mountains of Zion, the graces of Christ, his doctrine that drops as the dew, the graces of Christ, and the fruits and comforts of his Spirit, by which we are made fruitful in the fruits of righteousness.   ❋ Unknown (1721)

The wines still retain plenty of sweetness as they age (though they too can be perceived as drying significantly over their early perceptions of residual sugar), but blossom in surprising and often quite magical directions that simply cannot be replicated by any other varietal.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

But new line coach Rod Marinelli should get plenty from a group headlined by tackle Tommie Harris, whose play has not been as dominant lately.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Police stops also result in plenty of arrests where "disorderly conduct" or "resisting arrest" is the only charge.   ❋ Jesse Levine (2010)

These amazing glass tiles that come in plenty of playful pictures, nature motifs and even 3D are sure to improve the looks of your bathroom.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And, because it was done on such a low budget, it will still bring in plenty of money.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

I asked Robin plenty of questions, but everything came back to the most important: What, if anything, can a writer do to impact the potential quality and even future sales of an audiobook – or is it more about crossing your fingers and hoping your story is read by the equivalent of a Jim Dale?   ❋ Unknown (2009)

That's exactly what we should see as the clouds and occasional showers around since Sunday make way for a series of sunnier and warmer days starting tomorrow -- in plenty of time for a nice holiday weekend.   ❋ Dan Stillman (2010)

I'm sure many of you are great wild game chefs, specializing in plenty of dishes.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Iron Man 2 weaves in plenty of subtle references to what we are yet to see in the next two years, leading up to the The Avengers.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Criticism of the culture of too-much-plenty is not all that new.   ❋ Tom Shales (2010)

The Food and Drug Administration approved a seasonal flu vaccine on Monday, in plenty of time to protect people against the three standard flu strains expected to spread this fall.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Still, there probably remain plenty of online sites with great classical inventories.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The details of the Obama plan thus far released contain plenty of good stuff in terms of refundable tax cuts that make sure to offer both some middle class relief and also get money into the hands of the poor people who are in the most objective need and who have the highest propensity to spend.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I've been in plenty of baths in Tokyo where blokes with full body tattoos are washing.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Jim has the batteries one week later, in plenty of time for his trip.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Alex says "Jane, You have a massive forehead, it makes you look like a donkey." Betty says "Mate, Plenty from you." After seeing something silly, Charlie exclaims "That's Plenty" ❋ Khlieeq (2008)

There were plentiful amounts of dumplings in the freezer ❋ Godoyourhomework (2019)

Sarcastically: "Plenty, means only one. Notify your dictionary editor". "Plenty, is more than you think. But, more or less than that.." ❋ Willowdusk (2009)

Dang girl those harmonies were plenty. ❋ LightThrower123 (2019)

There was a plentiful amount of stuff in the room ❋ Godoyourhomework (2019)

God's grace can never be depleted plentiness. ❋ Hercolena Oliver (2009)

Chadwick: Crypto will centy plenty double in value over the next year Bill: Since you're so sure, I better start investing too! ❋ Ravenoustomahawk (2022)

Drew: "How'd it go with what's her pickle on Friday?" Marc: "Typical POF girl she no showed and left me sitting around like a dummy then wouldn't reply to my texts... Plenty of Flakes!" Drew: "Never give 'em a Friday..." ❋ Tylerdurden44 (2010)

Person 1: Did you hear what Katie did yesterday? Person 2: Hm? What did she do? Person 1: Bitch be plenty! ❋ Leon Wordy (2018)

Guy 1: Maaaan, it only took me like 1 minute to do that turd, only had to wipe once! Guy 2. Mate, must of been A 'Plenty' Poo. ❋ 65IOU4 (2011)

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