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Definitions and meanings of "Plesk"

What do we mean by plesk?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word plesk. Define plesk, plesk synonyms, plesk pronunciation, plesk translation, English dictionary definition of plesk.

Stands For I want to Kill myself (By drinking bleach) Urban Dictionary

An action when Jane beats the absolute shit out of you..because...WHY THE FUCK NOT?! Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Plesk

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The word "plesk" in example sentences

Ten-finger tapping with Free Hands method and Free Strings novgorod "plesk". ❋ Unknown (2010)

The point was whether to leave the auto to be sobiratted by the rozzes or, us feeling like in a hate and murder mood, to give it a fair tolchock into the starry watersfor a nice heavy loud plesk before the death of the evening. ❋ John Myles Aavedal (2010)

Occasionally on one of my blogs I go through the plesk stats and then write a blog on what it is people are reading most on the blog ❋ Unknown (2006)

The plesk desk can usualy also do it but now it cant. ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

So i uninstalled from the plesk desk and then used it to install phpbb again. ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

We don't support installations done with host installers like cpanel and plesk. ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

It would appear plesk can only have one admin login ❋ Xlynx (2010)

I can get through to the plesk desk with firefox and to the web site with filezilla. ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

Then i tried to install again with plesk wich didnt work. ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

Simple Email Template Design (FOR WHMCS) 3. 2 logo image re-sizes for plesk control panel and site-builder Freelancer. com (formerly GetAFreelancer) is a global outsourcing solution and freelance jobs website. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The plesk desk says it has installed it but when i try to log on i get a "500 error". ❋ Oleg-karow (2010)

There is probably an automation api for exchange (although I have never used it) but I know that if your server users plesk then you can use an automation api to manage the emails on the account: ❋ Shaheen256 (2010)

[Bob]: Wanna [Vape]? [joey]: Plesk ❋ Me Wanna Plesk (2016)

CONTACT! *[PLESK]* I'm about to [Plesk] this idiot into [oblivion] Can we get to the Plesking part now? ❋ Plesking (2020)

Cross Reference for Plesk

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What does plesk mean?

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