Character 6
Hyphenation plov er
Pronunciations /ˈplʌvə/

Definitions and meanings of "Plover"

What do we mean by plover?

Any of various widely distributed shorebirds of the family Charadriidae, having rounded bodies, short tails, and short bills. noun

Any of various similar or related birds. noun

A bird of the family Charadriidæ and genus Charadrius, C. pluvialis. noun

Hence Some or any bird of the family Charadriidæ; a charadriomorphic grallatorial bird. noun

In various parts of the United States, the Bartramian sandpiper, Bartramia longicauda, more fully called upland, highland, pasture, field, corn-field, prairie, grass, and plain plover. See cut under Bartramia. noun

The greater or lesser yellowshanks, Totanus melanoleucus or T. flavipes, commonly called yellow-legged plovers. Local, U. S. A loose woman: otherwise called a quail. noun

The black-heart plover. Local, U. S. noun

The golden plover when young. Ireland. noun

Sqvatarola helvetica noun

The Norfolk plover. Various localities. noun

Any one of numerous species of limicoline birds belonging to the family Charadridæ, and especially those belonging to the subfamily Charadrinsæ. They are prized as game birds. noun

Any grallatorial bird allied to, or resembling, the true plovers, as the crab plover (Dromas ardeola); the American upland, plover (Bartramia longicauda); and other species of sandpipers. noun

The lapwing. noun

See Tattler. noun

The dunlin. noun

The black-bellied plover. noun

The black-bellied plover. noun

Any of various wading birds of the family Charadriidae. noun

Any of various wading birds of the family Charadriidae.

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The word "plover" in example sentences

Sometimes we shot so-called plover along on the shore, sometimes wild chicken in the bush. ❋ Robert Louis Stevenson (1872)

Interpreters and volunteers - called plover guardians - ensure safe viewing of these rare birds. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Stating that tourists are surprised to see these birds in Antalya, Erdoğan said birds such as the spur-winged plover, which is seen less and less in Europe, have laid over 50 eggs in the region. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The wild mountain tract which stretched on either side of the road presented one bleak and brown surface, unrelieved by any trace of tillage or habitation; an apparently endless succession of fern-clad hills lay on every side; above, the gloomy sky of leaden, lowering aspect, frowned darkly; the sad and wailing cry of the pewet or the plover was the only sound that broke the stillness, and far as the eye could reach, a dreary waste extended. ❋ Charles James Lever (1839)

The kind of plover which appears as if mounted on stilts ❋ Unknown (2003)

For ever and a day, the name of these birds was "plover", pronounced to rhyme with "lover." ❋ Grouse (2002)

The kind of plover, which appears as if mounted on stilts (Himantopus nigricollis), is here common in flocks of considerable size. ❋ Unknown (1909)

The lapwing is a kind of plover, and is very swift of foot. ❋ John Burroughs (1879)

The only kind of plover in the Forest is the green plover or lapwing, which were very numerous at one time in the wet greens. ❋ Unknown (1846)

Summary: This study estimates the chance that the snowy plover, a small shorebird that breeds on sand and gravel coastlines, will become extinct in Florida due to sea level rise. ❋ David Kroodsma (2011)

He said that he suspects the Corps held back out of concern for endangered birds like the piping plover or to keep water in reservoirs for the recreational fishermen in the Dakotas and barge operators farther south. ❋ Joe Barrett (2011)

Wayne Stancill, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife hydraulic engineer, wants to document the rate at which the river creates new shallow-water habitat for endangered fish such as pallid sturgeon, and bare sandbars where endangered bird species such as the piping plover and least tern can nest. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Spot-breasted plover, Vanellus melanocephalus (formerly, Tylibyx melanocephalus and Hoplopterus melanocephalus; protonym, Lobivanellus melanocephalus), also known as the spot-breasted lapwing, photographed at Bale Mountains (also known as the Urgoma Mountains), Ethiopia (Africa). ❋ Unknown (2011)

Response: This is a spot-breasted plover, Vanellus melanocephalus. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Marcus is a typical Sutcliff hero, a dutiful Roman who is increasingly drawn to the British world of "other scents and sights and sounds; pale and changeful northern skies and the green plover calling". ❋ Unknown (2011)

At this point in our ecosystem, you are akin to the plover, a small scavenging bird that eats extra food from between the teeth of crocodiles. ❋ Unknown (2011)

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