Definitions and meanings of "Plumb"

What do we mean by plumb?

A weight on the end of a line, used to determine water depth. noun

A weight on the end of a line, used especially by masons and carpenters to establish a true vertical. noun

In a vertical or perpendicular line. adverb

Directly; squarely. adverb

Utterly; completely. adverb

Exactly vertical. synonym: vertical. adjective

Utter; absolute; sheer. adjective

To determine the depth of with a plumb; sound. intransitive verb

To test the verticality or alignment of with a plumb. intransitive verb

To straighten or make perpendicular. intransitive verb

To examine closely or deeply; probe. intransitive verb

To seal with lead. intransitive verb

To work as a plumber. intransitive verb

(off/out of) Not vertical. idiom

True according to a plumb-line; vertical.

Of persons, upright in character or conduct; thoroughgoing.

An obsolete spelling of plum.

A mass of lead attached to a line, used to test the perpendicularity of walls, etc.; a plummet. noun

The position of a plumb or plummet when freely suspended; the vertical or perpendicular. noun

In a vertical direction; in a line perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; straight down.

A little mass of lead, or the like, attached to a line, and used by builders, etc., to indicate a vertical direction.

A weight on the end of a long line, used by sailors to determine the depth of water.

The perpendicular direction or position.

Extremely, entirely, absolutely. The correct spelling of the word as it is used, especially in the Deep South, is plumb, not plum.  Urban Dictionary

A simpleton, dunce or idiot. Sometimes used in London.  Urban Dictionary

To shove your tool into a girls dirty snatch  Urban Dictionary

The straight version of the word faggot; british slang for “exactly straight up and down”. basically straggot but much more creative  Urban Dictionary

The reproductive system (gender neutral).  Urban Dictionary

Plumbing: The act of inserting frozen plums into one's anus Plumber: inserting into someone else's anus Plummed: to be in receipt of plum insertion  Urban Dictionary

Generic term for the bars of a jail cell  Urban Dictionary

Seen in Half-Life 2 when one gets smacked upside the head by a flying toilet.  Urban Dictionary

An extraordinarily large set of nuts that resemble two plums swaying gingerly in a latex glove.  Urban Dictionary

Wearing one's pants so low as to display one's asscrack. Derived from the state of many a fat plumber's pants.  Urban Dictionary

The word "plumb" in example sentences

How to use plumb in a sentence? Example sentences with the plumb, a sentence example for plumb, and how to make plumb in sample sentence, how do I use the word plumb in a sentence? How do you spell plumb in a sentence?

His own dexterity in catching the phrase plumb in the middle gave him a thrill of excitement. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Silently, but with unerring certainty, something small, round, and deadly, fell plumb from the library ceiling to where the settle had formerly stood against the hearthstone. ❋ Unknown (1903)

The dirt airstrip cut into a grove of black cottonwoods was adequate without being what you could call plumb level or arrow straight. ❋ John Gierach (2008)

References: la poubelle (f) = garbage can; plum (just in case, and for the French readers on this list, "plum" is English and the informal of "plumb" -- nothing to do with the juicy fruit) = completely; la clé (f) = key; le clavier (m) = keyboard ❋ Unknown (2006)

LOHO: Meaning the plumb is the vertical, perfect 90 degrees, and level is the horizontal. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Thus we say that the plumb is a symbol of rectitude of conduct. ❋ Albert G. Mackey (N/A)

The plumb is a symbol of rectitude of conduct, and inculcates that integrity of life and undeviating course of moral uprightness which can alone distinguish the good and just man. ❋ Albert G. Mackey (N/A)

Small Creek on the L.S. called plumb Creek at abt. ❋ Unknown (1904)

Among their fruits are many kinds of plumbs; one like a _wheaten_ plumb is wholesome and savoury; likewise a black one, as large as a horse plumb, which is much esteemed, and has an aromatic flavour. ❋ Robert Kerr (1784)

The tools typically come as small weights that are suspended from a point using a string known as a plumb line.

Lead editorial is just "plumb" wrongEnvironmental Health NewsAn editorial in the Wall Street Journal leaves readers with the false impression that lead exposure in children is no longer a problem. ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Acting Quartermaster (which was a little out of "plumb" but excusable by the emergency) and drew three wagon loads of aerated bread and coffee, drove back to camp, turned the kettles up and had the men banqueting inside of two hours. ❋ Henry Bascom Smith (N/A)

[That dog] ran so fast after the [rabbit], he was plumb [exhausted]. ❋ Ole Deepsouth (2012)

"[Eric's] just [fallen down] [the stairs]... what a plumb!" ❋ El Tony (2006)

[gabe] [wants] to plumb [michelle] ❋ Dufa (2007)

[ew], you like girls? god, [bryan], [you’re] such a fucking plumb! ❋ Whyte_ryce (2020)

She [went] to the [OB-GYN] to have her plumbing [checked out]. ❋ Octopod (2003)

What you [get up] to [last night]? Plumbing [mostly] ❋ Montiero Is The Worst Chris (2020)

The [plumbing] in this joint consists of at least 1" [hardened] [steel]. ❋ GGJoe (2015)

[Half-Life 2] Deathmach [rules] ❋ Valve (2005)

i stopped [pumpin] the bitch, but my nuts kept [swayin] like a [pendulum] from my nacho to her gut ❋ Els (2004)

Dude, [pull up] [your pants] you're [plumbing]. ❋ Lesseins (2008)

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